Michael Colunga (4 May 2011)
"RE:  Jennie--"My Past Visions""

Hello, John and Doves,
Sister Jennie,
Your dream [repeated for emphasis--i.e. double reference] is replete with biblical references to Christ, the Bride, the Rapture, and the End Times.
First off, your dream was repeated, except for the change in perspective.  Interestingly, the second time you had the dream, you were personally closer.  The name, Virginia, is obviously a reference to the virginal Betrothed of Christ.  The tsunami wave is Christ coming to literally sweep the Bride off her feet.  You can't outrun the LORD!
Now, let's take a look at the course of the tsunami.  Whether physically to be experienced in the future or not, the tsunami is clearly a picture of the irresistible sovereignty of the LORD.  Before it would exhaust its energy, the tsunami would overwhelm the Chesapeake Bay and several rivers.
The Chesapeake Bay is crossed by the Chesapeake Bay Bridge [who would have guessed?].  This bridge connects Sandy Point with Kent Island.  The Chester River empties into the Chesapeake Bay by Love Point on Kent Island.  "Chester" means "camp, fort."  Kent Fort, founded in 1631, on Kent Island, is the third oldest permanent English settlement in the United States, after Jamestown, Virginia and Plymouth, Massachusetts.  James means, "holds the heel," or "supplanter."  Plymouth means "mouth of the Plym river"--located near Devon, England.  In turn, Plym means "plum," or "swollen."  Putting all this together, we get the LORD's soon coming [Plym--swollen--pregnant--soon to deliver], for the Church [Virginia--marriage--rapture], as well as to keep safe Israel, whose name was changed from Jacob [James--heel catcher] to Israel.   The flip side of the interpretation--for those who are as yet unbelievers--is equally fascinating.
Chesapeake bay was formed (according to geologists) by a bolide event.  That is to say that a meteorite landed nearly tangentially to carve out the channel that now forms Chesapeake Bay.
The meaning is obvious--there is to be something called "Wormwood" to hit the planet and cause similar damage.  If the object called, "Wormwood," can be connected to fallen angels, then their presence would create, in effect, a broad path to hell [Furnace Bay, near Perryville, MD].
That the Chesapeake Bay would stand in for the Earth, halfway between heaven and hell, is borne out by the words of Captain John Smith:
    "Heaven and earth have never agreed better to frame a place for man's habitation."
This brings us to discussing the Chesapeake Bay Bridge.  Folks whose religious faith is based on sinking sand [Sandy Point] are looking for [the bridge] a Superman [Kent Island].  This same Superman worships [loves--Love Point] a God of Fortresses [Daniel 11:38, Kent Fort, Chester River].
On the other side of Chesapeake Bay from the Chester River is the Susquehanna River.  The head of the Susquehanna is Ostego Lake [place of the rock--The Rock--Jesus Christ].
    "And 2532 did 4095 0 all 3956 drink 4095 the same 846 spiritual 4152 drink 4188: for 1063 they drank 4095 of 1537 that spiritual 4152 Rock 4073 that followed them 190: and 1161 that Rock 4073 was 2258 Christ 5547."  1 Corinthians 10:4
Susquehanna variously means, "long reach river [Hebrews 7:25]," "long crooked river [Isaiah 40:4]," and "the place of the straight river [Isaiah 40:3]."  The mouth of the Susquehanna is near Harve de Grace.  ["'Tis grace hath led me safe thus far, and grace will lead me home."--Amazing Grace]  Since the bay is an estuary, it has fresh water, salt water and brackish water. Brackish water has three salinity zones — oligohaline, mesohaline, and polyhaline.  The mesohaline zone [medium salt--Church of Laodicea] runs from the Bay Bridge to the mouth of the Rappahannock River.  You've heard the phrase, "taking sides."  This takes on a new meaning as regards the State of Maryland.
Some would say Maryland speaks of the apostate Church--supposedly having derived its authority from the apostles, but really worshipping their image of Mary and other things.  Let's see what Maryland is like.  Maryland sits astride Chesapeake Bay [aka, the Bay of Oysters].  Oysters may have pearls.  Jesus tells of the Pearl of Great Price.   He is the One who bought the field [the Earth], so that He could purchase the Pearl [the saved of all the ages].  Thus, Maryland sits astride the Earth, as it were.  Now here's the twisted part.  The Eastern Shore of Maryland faces west.  The Western Shore of Maryland faces east.  This brings up the scripture,
    "Woe 1945 unto them that call 559 evil 7451 good 2896, and good 2896 evil 7451; that put 7760 darkness 2822 for light 216, and light 216 for darkness 2822; that put 7760 bitter 4751 for sweet 4966, and sweet 4966 for bitter 4751!"  Isaiah 5:20
By contrast to the false church we look at the Saved.
The Rappahannock River empties into Chesapeake Bay near White Stone Beach, Virginia.  This brings to mind what Jesus says to the church at Pergamos:
    "He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches; To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna, and will give him a white stone, and in the stone a new name written, which no man knoweth saving he that receiveth [it]."  Revelation 2:17
I am sure much more could be said, but this probably is enough food for thought.
Thank you, Jennie, for sharing what I believe I have amply proven is the LORD's word to you and all the Doves!   May God bless you and yours and bless you indeed, increase your territory, put His hand upon you, and keep you from the evil one, that you might not cause pain [1 Chronicles 4:9-10--the Prayer of Jabez--with thanks to Bruce Wilkinson].
In HaShem,
Mike C.
Jennie (3 May 2011)
"Dr. Owuor/ My Past Visions"

I for one just want to say that I think he is a great man.  No, he isn't perfect, but no one is???  He is doing what WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING RIGHT NOW!!!   PREACHING THE GOSPAL AND GETTING PEOPLE SAVED.  We are so blessed in this time of age to have someone who was chosen to talk to us.  In the old testament, there were thousands of people preaching for the Lord,  why is it impossible today to have ONE???    We are told to test the spirits, but he has been true in his words.  We are not to worship him, we are to listen to him and the Holy Spirit will tell us if what he is saying is the truth.  Listen to the Holy Spirit, he will keep you on a straight and narrow path?
Just for note:   I have had TWO VISIONS  of a tsunami coming to Virginia.  I wish it weren't true, but back to back I was shown the Chesapeake Bay and a MAJOR TSUAMI came.  It was about 60 feet high at least.  I must say that I ignored the first vision, and so  a couple days later,  I was put on the beach right in front of the Tsunami coming in.  I couldn't move,  I saw it up close and personal.  We are officially in the End Times, and things are going to be Speeding UP   Very Fast.   I also believe the Rapture has a GREAT CHANCE FOR MAY.  I saw the wheat in my right hand,  so I am guessing it's during the Wheat Harvest and I also got an Invitation to go to the Festival.  (I think it's the Wheat Harvest Festival).   Any thought on this????  YSIC Jennie