Meriam Brown (5 May 2011)
"Re: Raul D. post May 3rd."

Shalom Raul and all Doves,
      Regarding the post yesterday of Raul D. here is one other significant thing about that day....
      According to my OMER COUNT it is the BEGINING NIGHT OF MAY 17TH....or the MIDDAY OF THE WEEK (or the symbol of the weekly menoraha) .....the full moon day of the 2nd Passover.....and according to some OMER COUNTS THE MID-POINT OF THE OMER COUNT...........FROM THIS POINT IN THE OMER COUNT WE LOOK FORWARD TO THE DAY OF PERFECTION.
       For those of you who count the days of the the end of the count is the Day of Shavuot....the day on which Yahshua was taken up and the Holy Spirit descended ....the day of Penticost.
       When Yahshua said "Fear Not, for if I go away, I will come again!"

Meriam Brown