Melissa Costa (6 May 2011)
"Re: Fay: "What A Mess""

Hi Fay,
I hear you.  As an American, I thank you for your support.  Most Christians haven't got a clue how we got the president that we did.  However, in response to your question of "Why?"  I believe that I have an answer.
A dear christian friend of mine and I were discussing this the other day.  She made the salient point that here at the end of the "Church Age", God is sending judgment to the so-called "Christians" and their nations.  Before He returns for His Church, she said He needs to judge the church.
Well, not everyone sitting in a pew is a Christian, but they all think they are.  I agree with my dear friend (She posts here as Jana) that we must be going through something like that rightt now.  We are closer than we think!
Looking up!