MC (13 May 2011)
"Supernovas Mark Schism, Reunions, Israel and War, No Coincedence Indeed"

Dear Doves,
            MJ Agee, a wonderful Christian author and theologian opened my mind to the many signs a wonders God places in the Heavens to testify of His truth and fathfullness. This week, Marilyn noted on her website Bible Prophecy Corner a new explosion in the Crab Nebula.
            Reading up on the Crab Nebula I discovered that it first exploded on July 4th 1054AD. In seminary, Church History class, I learned about the Great Schism, which also happened in 1054AD. It was ratified in July of 1054 dividing the Roman Catholic Church from the Eastern over matters we will discuss below. See bold type below.
            New explosive activity in the Crab Nebula occured on April 12th 2011.Watch the Middle East and in particular watch Israel for prophetic signs and wonders. Earlier, I posted a story about the apparent reunion of Hamas and Fatah mediated by Egyptian government. This unity clears the way for military attacks upon Israel. The meeting which resulted in this new alliance happened on April 12th 2011. Exactly the same day as the violent explosion in the Crab Nebula!! Very significant indeed, so significant that it warrants the biggest explosion ever witnessed by mankind. Additionally, this new explosion violates every previous cosmic explosion with properties unlike any earlier supernova.
          Now, what matter caused the Christian Church to split apart and remain divided to this day. Read below please note writing in bold. From Wikipedia
Mutual excommunication of 1054
Most of the direct causes of the Great Schism, however, are far less grandiose than the Filioque. The relations between the papacy and the Byzantine court were good in the years leading up to 1054. The emperor Constantine IX and the Pope Leo IX were allied through the mediation of the Lombard catepan of Italy, Argyrus, who had spent years in Constantinople, originally as a political prisoner.
Patriarch Michael I ordered a letter to be written to the bishop of Trani in which he attacked the "Judaistic" practices of the West, namely, the use of unleavened bread. The letter was to be sent by John to all the bishops of the West, including the Pope. John promptly complied, and the letter was passed to Humbert of Mourmoutiers, the cardinal-bishop of Silva Candida, who translated the letter into Latin and brought it to the Pope, who ordered a reply to be made to each charge and a defense of papal supremacy to be laid out in a response.
Although he was hot-headed, Michael was convinced to cool the debate and thus attempt to prevent the impending breach. However, Humbert and the Pope made no concessions, and Humbert was sent with legatine powers to the imperial capital to resolve the questions raised, once and for all. Humbert, Frederick of Lorraine, and Peter, Archbishop of Amalfi, arrived in April 1054 and were met with a hostile reception; they stormed out of the palace, leaving the papal response with Michael, who in turn was even more angered by their actions. The patriarch refused to recognize their authority or, practically, their existence.
           Jewish custom and unleavened bread led to the Great Schism. Now, the hatred of the Jews causes another explosion in the Crab Nebula and the breach between Hamas and Fatah is apparently healed. War is coming to Israel What do you think?
                                                                           Mike Curtiss