The Latter-Day Letters

Colossians 4:16
"After this letter has been read to you, see that it is also read in the church of the Laodiceans and that you in turn read the letter from Laodicea ."

It is interesting to note that 1/3 of the 66 books ofthe Bible is in the form of "letters".The last 22 books of Scripture are letters written by the apostles to the churches and their co-workers. It is alsointeresting to note that there are 22 Hebrew letters in all, from Aleph to Tav (see Psalm 119) , i.e. from Alpha toOmega. If it seems coincidental that there are 22 Hebrew alphabets ( letters) and 22 Epistles (letters ) and both sets are "letters", I would rather attribute that to the wisdom of God displayed. Do write in your letters to be read by all and do read the letters from all. May the grace of God be with you.

Please send your letters, questions, articles or reports to John Tng at

Please note that it is impossible for even two like-minded souls to agree on everything. You should read these letters with this in mind and pray for understanding from the Spirit of Truth. Thank you.


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22 May 2011: No letters

21 May 2011

Romans 8:14: For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Romans 8:15: For ye have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear; but ye have received the Spirit of adoption, whereby we cry, Abba, Father.

Name Message
Paul N. F. Our Final Accountability Will Be to Our Maker
Jim Bramlett
1967 borders: "It's not going to happen!"
Jim Bramlett
David and Goliath
Joe Chappell
My Rapture Dream
Joe Chappell
to Nicole and Doves, Thoughts on DNA
Surreal NBC News: Starts with Israel/Obama and ends with the Rapture story this weekend!!!!
Interesting article: What IF 200 million people go missing this weekend?
Jim Goodrick
Jan 's good  poems
Jim Goodrick
Russian ICBM  Sineva missile can hit targets 6,000 miles away from a submarine
Joe Callaway
RE:Paul Wilson
To Christina, and all doves  ---Re: Jerusalem
Kenneth P
Another Attack on America
James Foo
Re: Down To The River To Pray
the glory is departed
Frank Molver
re time sensitive dream
Frank Molver
Obama prepares a throne in Jerusalem
To Josua:  regarding Dr. Owour and the Call to the Ushers to Sit Down
Re: Anonymous Vision of the Levies
Worthy is the Lamb to Open the Scroll
Netanyahu Visit to the White House by Glenn Beck
Israel and Palestine: Why are they treating and comparing this to the Ireland/England Conflict!
Paul Wilson
Prayers for mom needed
Paul Wilson
Hot Horseradish
Paul Wilson
any news on Alan Trombetta??
Paul Wilson
Obama slaps Israel in the face
Paul Wilson
RE: Obama throws Israel under the bus
Paul Wilson
update on mom
Deepwater Horizon to May 21, 2011
To Rowina re Clouds
Look before you leap? Good for Texas!
More 'jokes' about Rapture
Tony Webb
God's eternal Covenant with Israel
Wade Balzer
[Revelation2217] Judgment Day 5/21/2011 - Real
Cindy Busch
prayer request
To: Dayanna T. & JohnNL
Carol G
To Steven Prieur re: Glenn Beck and John Hagee
Eliane B
To Richard L. Wills and Susan B. - Re: the dead in Christ rise first
Eliane B
To Paul Wilson - Re: "10 virgins = bride??"
Beverly Dike
Not a dream, not a vision, but a real glimpse!
We're toast!!!!
Look no Further
Sandra Jean
KS Rajan
Re: rapture
Mark Rouleau Unabashedly writes "Can We Please Just Start Admitting That We Do Actually Want To Indoctrinate Kids?"
Steven S
Obama gives Muslim Brotherhood a billion USD
Steven S
US churches asked invite Jewish and Muslim clergy to read “sacred texts”
Steven S
God is Stirring “Israel’s Nest”
Steven S
The World Hails Arafat. He shall be decleared the winner of the 67 war
Ray Schulz
Dividing The Land Of Israel - A Prophecy
New Wines Skins - Art
Steven Edel
Pentecost and the Rapture of the Church  ...
Cinda Godfrey
To Suzi re: Dead in Christ Timing
Cinda Godfrey
To Gordon Smith
Bill Griese
To Leslie: The Sixth Seal can't be Pre-70th week
To: ML, Ascension markers
Another clue for 5-24, 2011? 153, 888

GabriDon (VIDEO) Rapture Alert  !!!!!!!
Mary Anna (URL) Koch: Israel Facing 'Most Dangerous and Critical Period' Ever
Mary Anna
(URL) Netanyahu tells Obama: Israel cannot go back to the 1967 borders
Paul Wilson
(URL) thats about the size of it
Paul Wilson
(URL) another good one

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