Matthew Park (24 May 2011)
"I still feel Camping is wrong"

I heard Camping say that the new date is October 21, 2011.

He was saying something about world-wide earthquake & I thought that's amazing!  That's exactly what I saw in my vision!

However, due to the insight that Loren has provided, I must disagree with the date again.

The last image of my May 21st vision, the sky turning red, was the most accurate image of my vision.  I believe the red sky is a sign/omen for more bad things to come.

The judgment cannot come unless the Catholic and Protestant come together & start prosecuting real believers.  This first & second beast of Revelation 13 has to come together first.  

The judgment cannot happen until the ultimate antichrist (all Popes, by their title, are antichrist, but we have one who will be that ultimate climax of antichrist) comes in power at Vatican.  The "Peter the Rome" the last Pope as prophesied, has to be seated at his throne in Rome.  So personally, I would not worry about the Judgment until the current Pope dies.

I believe I know what I am talking about.  I am a Catholic.

I told many of my followers (yes, incredibly only after two months of regaining my faith, I have followers.  Some claim that in their prayer, they heard my name "Brother Matthew" & were told to go seek me & my words.  I think they lost their mind but anyhow, I do have followers.) that the sky turning red was an omen for more bad things & guess what?  the tornado struck last night.

my gosh, they think i am like their leader of some sort.  only you guys know what kind of lowly being I am.  How two months ago, I was an atheist. hahaha  I can't even imagine telling them the truth & telling them how I was an atheist only little more than two months ago. Because of such great expectation, I have to pretend like I know so much.  LOL  How funny!!!!!

I get all of my understanding from Loren!!!!  They should seek Loren, not me.  hahaha  

I have a feeling that I will have another vision within next few weeks.  I must make myself holy again and I must be immersed in prayer.  If I get another vision, will you please agree to publish it for me again?

Only reason I ask is that when I prophesied about 3/11/11 "It's a big one." I had no place to publish it so I have hard time convincing people I really said that about 3/11/11.  I couldn't publish it anywhere anyhow since I had nothing to say but something really really bad, really really big will happen on that date.  This time around, if anyone doubts me, I can just point them to Tribulation now or 5dove.  So thank you very much.

I became much more detailed about the 5/21/11 so I hope that I would be able to see it lot more clearly next time.  However, this is possibly only if I become more holy & with much prayer.

I have a feeling that if you pray for me more, my vision will only get better.

So please keep me in your prayers,