Mary Anna (26 May 2011)
"Joe Chappell (25 May 2011)  Ascencion Day 2011 and  #153 Fish Harvest""

   I too have often wondered about the deliberate mentioning of the 153 fish the disciples caught.  (See John 21:11).  We know it was put there for a reason but had no idea.... Could be if Ascension Day is June 2nd and it's the 153rd day of the year....who knows??  WOW! and DOUBLE WOW!  Good Bye earth and Good Morning Heaven?  I'm freezing to death with the chills coming over me.  That's 12 days from today...11 from tomorrow!)
  I don't know Joe Chappell, but it doesn't seem like a mute point!  Perhaps it REALLY IS THE MYSTERY THAT IS FINALLY REVEALED!  John Tng what do you think?
  We'll know pretty soon won't we, in just 11 or 12 days maybe!      Mary
Hi Mary,
Let's hope for the best!