Mark Rouleau (27 May 2011)
"Turkey ditches Assad, calls off participation in Gaza flotilla"

Turkey ditches Assad, calls off participation in Gaza flotilla

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report , May 25, 2011

...This change of policy has taken form in three additional steps:

1.  The following message was posted to Damascus on Tuesday, May 24:  Turkey is not a member of the European Union and is therefore not bound by its sanctions it has imposed freezing Assad's assets and barring him and his regime heads from travelling. Nonetheless, the Syrian ruler is advised not to try and test its intentions by trying to visit Turkey.

2.  Assad's repression of the uprising in the Kurdish regions of northern Syria is causing ferment among the Kurds of southern Turkey. Unless it is stopped forthwith, Ankara will take overt action against the Syrian ruler.

3.  Erdogan has discontinued his almost daily phone conversations with Assad. In any case, his advice to the Syrian ruler on how to overcome the uprising against him was never heeded....

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