Marjatta (18 May 2010)
"John Tng; the post 17.5."

Dear John and all Doves,
John, thank you so much from your post. I've been looking for the rapture to take place this Spring very sincerelly. I've always just felt that Spring is The Season. I really think you found something! I liked also your comment that we're watching these dates for all those people left behind. I believe the day is hidden in God's word. He said He does nothing without revealing it to His prophets. Eliah also knew when he was raptured.
My personal thought, that the rapture will happen in Spring time, comes from years back, when during a Christian conference in Jerusalem a person came to me and said; "I saw a vision; a man comes to you in Spring. Then I saw you wearing royal clothes; you had a crown on your head and you were dancing, so happily." I right a way thought that this is a vision of the rapture and Jesus coming to me and the royal heavenly wedding!
Also, all the studies from us being the First fruit of the harvest just seems very correct to me. We know the Song of Songs...Ruth..And your study is excellent; I sure hope this is the year!
Blessings, Marjatta  
Thanks, Marjatta!