Luis Vega (30 May 2011)
"The Late Great USA? Divine Judgments?
Is God judging America?

The Late Great USA? Divine Judgments?
Is God judging America?

For it is time for judgment to begin with the family of God; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God? 1 Peter 4:17

We can’t help but see the intensity of the recent and latest calamities beset the USA? Tornadoes, 200 plus in one sweep, record Midwest flooding, disastrous oil spill in Gulf, mega-fires in the West, record droughts, GMO altered food supply, collapsing economy, radiation from Japan. The USA has had it share of natural and man-made disasters in the past as any nation, but the intensity and frequency in which we are currently experiencing them is alarming; it seems they are all happening at once! Like birth bangs upon a mother, getting shorter, more intense and frequent. What is going on?

The USA, as a nation for sure has done wrong in its past but what all that is right? And what about its impending future? It would appear that the “gods are angry’ but other nations of the world all over have and do currently experience volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, economic and political strife too. Does the LORD cause it or allow it, or use it for His purposes? But are all these situations coming upon the USA because of happenstance, geography or chance? Or because of Divine Discipline due to national sin?!


The USA resembled Israel in its national warning from God. (See chart below)  We as Believers of the Bible, see that the LORD does deal out “Divine Disciple” on a national level, especially toward His People. The LORD gave 5 stages in which He dealt with His chosen Nation, Israel. God warned Israel about the 5 Cycles of Discipline for a Nation.  LEVITICUS 26.14-46


1st—mental and physical illness, economic downturns, military losses (26.14-17)

2nd—loss of influence, drought, famine, economic failure (26.18-20)

3rd—domestic terror, culture and society breakdown (26.21-22)

4th—disease, military invasion, national vassalage, famine (26.23-26)

5th—culture and social disintegration, religious anarchy, national destruction and exile (26.27-39)

Obviously, but God also does judge on a national level irrespective of nations, He did it also with


-Egypt: with the 10 Plagues

-Canaan: by Israel possessing the land

-Nineveh: by the preaching of Jonah

-Sodom & Gomorrah: with Fire and Brimstone from the heavens

-Israel: Northern Kingdom with Assyria’s militarily expulsion

-Judea: Southern Kingdom with Babylon’s 70 year captivity

-And the list goes on and on….


The USA strikingly resembles the rise and fall of the Roman Republic/Empire. (See chart below)  It started as an idealistic Republic and gradually became a ‘beast’ of sorts. I realize it’s easy to ’judge’ but many have put it this way; the USA like Rome has become, ‘fat’, medicated and (drug addiction), declining, in fear of fake ‘terror’, broken families and irreligious. Are they wrong? Let’s see the parallel. Many dispute the real cause of Rome’s Fall, but not exclusive were many of the same conditions the USA has now been involved with: power, greed, licentiousness, alternative lifestyles, gun control, over extend military, fighting foreign wars on several fronts, tax base exhausted, middle class shrinking, educational system failing, infrastructure crumpling, political corruption and on and on…The question is will the USA meet the same fate as Rome did then?


What is to say the LORD is not doing the same now because of the fact that the U.S. has turned its back on the God of the Bible -on a national level then?  Is the U.S. a ‘Christian’ nation anyway? Obama says ‘we are no longer one?!” Even further, many believe that America has been the New Rome, the New Atlantis – with it’s purpose already foretold and designed from it’s beginning; of her needing to be the ‘Phoenix Rising’ out of the ashes of an Old Order of Europe and like it too, It will be brought down, destroyed and burned with ‘fire’ in order to usher in the New World Order.  (See ‘Eye of the Phoenix online search)



The USA’s natural resources resembles the Articles of the Tabernacle. (See chart below)  On the inspiration of one of Perry Stone’s teaching, if you overlay the Tabernacle over the Continental U.S., you come to see a unique pattern geographically! Surprisingly, the Articles each representing a specific element correspond to America’s natural resources! Those elements have become a source of America’s identity, symbols and blessing. He is using other nations, the weather to touch the very core of its rich national resources that the USA has been graciously granted with.


If you look at Leviticus 26 and what we are seeing happening, especially in the last 10 years in USA, then I could see how, yep, God is judging America! All these “elements” have become a source of what has enabled America specifically to prosper like no other nation in the world geo-politically alone, not to mention its Christian roots and influence on society and the world with it’s missionary zeal like no other nation. But is the USA on the edge of slipping into the last stage of Divine Discipline...National captivity? God is touching all these national resources, symbols and blessing. Sure, a stretch of the imagination but let’s look in terms of what recent judgments or calamities have beset the U.S. in correlation to the types/shadows of the Tabernacle furnishings:


1. The Curtain of entrance—Eastern Coast (Immigration issues/secure borders/’terrorism’)
Where most of what become to be known as Americans entered through

2. The Altar of Sacrifice– Appalachian Divide (coal mines/closing down) Relying on Nuclear energy instead
Where the sacrifices were burned with coal-curse of radiation from Japan

3. The Laver of Washing-The mighty Mississippi flooding the Midwest
Where it flushed and cleansed the continent

4. The Tabernacle Curtain- start of the plains, the gate way to the West

5. The Table of Bread-The Great Plains/ GMO engineered food supply
The Bread Basket of the Mid-West

6. The Candle Stick -oil providing source of illumination/Texas, Oklahoma (Gulf oil spills)
Where the oil rich region are

7. The Altar of Incense– Colorado basin (Mega-wild fires)
Mineral wealth

8. The Inner Curtain-The Continental Divide as in the Rocky Mountain range

9. The Ark of the Covenant-the West, California (Banker bail-out/looting of currency)
The Gold Rush and subsequent ‘wealth”



I realize many would say, ‘does God then cause the calamities?’ ‘How could God do that? ‘‘Why?’...and so on. ‘I thought God was the God of love and peace?’..etc. If so, is He then responsible for the suffering? Is this a just and loving ‘god’ as Atheists would content against the God of the Bible and even Believers? What about all the innocent lives killed, taken away?  Why does the LORD allow suffering? Well, that is another issue for another post as many have spoken to this condition with excellent studies on the Book of Job.


Is there hope for the USA? It’s easy to get on the pessimistic side and say ‘no’ -with the recent decision to pass the extension of the Patriot Act our civil liberties as US Citizens are quickly being eroded. Many Believers have had dooms-day dreams of the US being destroyed by Fire/nuked as the Rapture takes place. Even George Washington had visions of America’s Cities being burned (Search: G.Washington’s Prophecies). If this is so, it would foot the bill of the Luciferian Illuminati/Masonic (Satanic) World Rulers say they need, and have planned all along to usher in their Luciferian New World Order back to the next “Beast”, the last one from the ashes of the Pax Americana, the Late Great USA. We shall see.