Luis Vega (11 May 2011)
"What will the 3rd Temple be like?"

How close are we to the 3rd Temple?!! Could a deal be brokered in which some
possible scenarios could come about the construction and service of the 3rd
Temple that the Book of Revelation alludes to being in service at the time that
the Anti-Christ orders the sacrifices to stop and he enters the Holy of Holies
to proclaim divine worship be ascribed to himself? -Daniel 11:31

1. A treaty in which a Palestinian State is declared and recognized by the world
and Israel in exchange for the construction of the 3rd Temple?
2. A spoil obtained by a possible all-out military and religious Islamic assault
as alluded in Psalm 83 in which Israel’s enemies are supernaturally defeated
and the Arab threat to Israel’s security is such that she will abide in ‘cities
without walls’ in preparation for the later Gog-Magog invasion? -Ezek 38-39

All that is left to complete the 3rd Temple Divine Service is the Ark! It has to
be placed in the Holy of Holies. There are many theories as to what happened to
it but it will be found and placed because the Anti-Christ will set on it
before Jesus Christ rightly claims the Throne of David. -Rev 13:6