Lori (21 May 2011)
"the glory is departed"

    Something weird occurred this morning and I thought of Ezekiel 10 where the glory of the Lord departs from the temple and then from Jerusalem. I was leaving for work when I noticed a fairly bright light shining on the pocket of the front passenger door of my car. It was unusual enough that I stopped the car and did a double take, waving my hand in front of the light.  I figured it must be a reflection from the rising sun reflecting off the passenger mirror. But it was 15 minutes before sunrise and the morning was half-foggy. Even when I changed direction from west to north and back to west again, the light stayed there--there was no light on in the car at all, nor any reflective material. I was quite spooked and was relieved when the light finally faded after about 30 minutes. My thought was "the glory has departed from America." That was hours before I'd heard about Obama's speech.  I fear for us. How dare we turn our backs on Israel?