Linda (23 May 2011)
"Interesting numbers"

Greetings, Brother John!
I am anxiously waiting for our "going home."
I was looking at the number 524 in the Strong's Concordance (Greek) and following is what it says:
524 - to become apathetic
522 - to lift off, i.e., remove: - take (away) also from the
numbers 575 and 143
575 - usually denotes separation, departing, cessation,
completion, reversal.
143 - to lift; take up or away; to raise, carry, lift up
Maybe we will go home tomorrow on May 22.
Now, wouldn't that be nice!  
I am praying it is really soon.  You are a real blessing
to a lot of people.  I can't thank you enough for keeping
the Five Doves up and running.
Have a most blessed week-end.
Kernersville, NC
Thanks, Linda! 143 is also the Beeper Code for I LOVE YOU! :)