Lewis Brackett (25 May 2011)
"re Harold  Camping now says October"

Well, I do agree that the end is coming in October .........  I don't know  WHICH October however  :)
Imho one can really know......
All our figuring gives us the era/ epoc/  of the Tribulation period, which is truly staring us in the face.
We see and hear the 4 horsemen all around us.
We are told however, that the day of the rapture is something we cant know,,, but GOD gave us these warning signs to encourage us, to make us fruitful, ready for His  call to take us home .
our faithfulness advances the day of the rapture. our willingness to witness, to testify, to encourage, will get the last of Jesus sheep to accept Him.  Imho, When the last member of the Bride sais I DO,  The rapture happens.
Lewis  Brackett