Leigh (31 May 2011)
"AMAZING VISION::::  Dr Owuors revival"

John and all Doves... I listened to Perry Stone last night,  NIBIRU PERRY STONE 2/3    Unfortunately I could not find the third one!!! Anyway, he explained that the Rapture may be like an EMP causing it to put the earth 100 years back without electricity. He talks about that lightning bolt  which will be seen from West to East. In New Zealand I saw the beginning of the DAY OF THE LORD where all the car batteries ceased, the stars moon street lights and all electricity died down instantly. I could never understand it till I listened to Perry Stone. Ive NEVER BEEN SO SCARED IN MY WHOLE LIFE!!!!!!!  Pitch darkness is not the word, its a lot worse. The whole earth stopped. I remember it was just before 9 pm. This afternoon while reading about Lazarus something struck me. Dailight saving in New Zealand begins end April if Im not mistaken. Then it will be roundabout 6 pm here in Australia. We are 8 hours ahead of Africa....Dr Owuor sermon starts 9 am on Friday  and it could take roughly or possibly over half an hour to get everybody seated.... IF it is the Rapture then all works out fine, so it seems that it must be wintertime in the southern hemisphere.  Could this be our going home time? Im NOT sure what time his other revival meetings start, maybe also in the morning? He said it will be daytime in the country where it happens!!!!!   ALL GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!!! Love you all. Leigh Australia