Kurt S (12 May 2011)
"Where are the signs in the Moon?"

This is a question I have always had, Where are the signs in the Moon, if we are in the Last Days.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011
Chat Room + Call In

GUESTS: Executive Producer Richard Shaw (pinlight.com); Host and co-
producer LA Marzulli (lamarzulli.net)

We grow up in the moonlight of a world we've come to see as a
permanent fixture in our lives and yet, we're blind to the alarming
change in the orientation of our moon to Earth.
This according to Richard Shaw and LA Marzulli, co-producers of the
 popular Watchersdocumentary series, from PinLight.com productions in Hollywood.

In the newest installment of Watchers 2: Signs in the Heavens and the
Earth, they present video evidence of obviously disturbing changes in
our moon - as predicated in the Holy Bible for these times!

What's equally disturbing is that the scientific community is afraid
to about what is happening to our moon. Is their excuse video quality?
Or, in other words, are Richard's exclusive videos of the Moon strong
enough to serve as unquestionable proof?

A good question for those accustomed to the grainy and blurry cell
phone videos we often see on YouTube, who likewise wonder if this is
just more of the same? If so, know this, with Watchers 2, Richard used
a Red One camera to video the moon sequences.  The very same camera
system used to film blockbusters such as The Book of Eli, G.I. Joe:
The Rise of Cobra, Green Zone and Knowing, just to name a few.

So why is it we cannot see the truth hanging above us in the night sky
and why are  scientists are terrified to comment?   In this vital
interview, Richard Shaw and LA Marzulli will give you the answers, and
beware, they will be disturbing to say the least.


Kurt S