KML (7 May 2011)
"RE: Paul " pre-AdamicHumans" ? May 3, 2011"

Hello Paul and Doves

I have read and listened to some good men of God , who also believe in a so called " Gap" theory between Gen 1:1 and 1:2.
The word "WAS" is past tence. meaning it was here before. [without form and void] gives the picture of being [ shapless] and [void] like unto [used up/usless/ un-usable/ no longer useful/ spent.] and when the Spirit of God moved upon the Face of the waters, [ the Face of the waters, is their beginnings] elements. Hydrogen and Oxygen, forming the waters.

I believe  it possible that this "world" was destroyed during the BATTLE between Lucifer and the Heavenly Angels, at Lucifers Fall. Long before God BEGAN AGAIN, and RE- CREATED THE EARTH.

In Gen 1:3 God said " let there be light". [ addressing that there was NO light/ sun/moon/stars/ etc..] I beleive our solar system looked much different at that time, and when God Re-created the earth and the lights in the heavens, He had a Plan for US, MAN.

Going back to Gen 1:1 A [statment] is being made that [GOD]created The Heavens and The Earth. I don't believe that GOD is speaking here. I believe it is ONE or Several of The Holy Ones " angels" telling the story.
All through the Bible HIS angels come and speak to men on God's behalf.
Jesus said  [ NO MAN HAS HEARD THE VOICE OF THE FATHER, BUT THE SON ONLY] When God speaks as a direct comment [ He speaks " I "] and in the case of JOB He spoke out of a whirlwind. Therefore no man Has heard His Voice.
It is like unto the sound of a Trumpet according to the Bible. Like on Mount Sianai. The same Voice WE will hear at The Rapture. Sianai being the FIRST and The Rapture being the LAST Trumpet.

I have heard different interpretations as to the timing of the creation of the dinosaurs, but I do not separate their creation from all other creatures at their creation according to Genesis. Animals [did not] eat meat in the beginning, as they [will not] eat meat in the NEW Millinium. Nor will man, who is left to re-populate the earth. No more animal sacrifice, JESUS will be here. Sin is no more.

There were no pre-adamic humans. Adam is the first man.

I am of the thinking through studies of mine, that Lucifer " the One who Covered " the Throne of God, and one of the higher ranking angels, [had the highest posission] and was the WATCHER OVER THE REPTILES. Thus his title  "THAT OLD SERPENT" and his [choice] of the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
The serpent being a beautiful creature. As was Lucifer.
Before the Curse, and Fall.
Concidering the nature of Lucifer, he did [pourly] at his responcibilites for overseeing [ Watching over ] the Reptiles, thus their extenction.
Another example of failer to WATCH, is in the case of the WATCHERS who sinned and took wifes of the women.
With this overview, I do not take away from what God spoke to JOB when He said [ whom " I " made with thee ] in Job 40:15.
Another reason is that the WORK of God was completed in SIX literal Days.
The earth belonged to ADAM. He was given dominen over the earth.
It wasn't until Adam surrendered it at his fall, and Lucifer took it over again.
YES, I said AGAIN.
I believe through studies, that Lucifer came here to this planet with his fallen ones.
And the BATTLE that insued with God's heavenly angels, was so great that it was left void.
He still even to this day goes back and forth to God's Throne and speakes against man kind. In Rev12: 7-10 AGAIN there will be WAR in heaven: Michael and his angels will fight against the dragon. In [10] for the accuser of our brethern is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night.
In v 12, WOE to the enhabiters of the earth and the sea ! for the Devil is come down unto you, having great wrath.
Here Lucifer has no more audiance with God. He can no longer go before Him and accuse. No access to the Throne room of God any longer !
We know that he walks around like a roaring lion seeking whom he may destroy.
The Larger Reptiles were doomed from the beginning, because of their WATCHER.

Be Blessed my friend