KML (23 May 2011)
"RE: PAUL WILSON   ( May 10, 2011)"

Hello Paul and Doves
I found "much" info on this subject by GOOGLE-ING
" The Watchers-Nephilim "

CLICK  on the above title

When the page opens .... SCROLL DOWN to   " Multimedia "
CLICK ON  " The Mighty Ones of Old " The True Story of the Nephilim and Giborim

It is a slide show presentation.  Presented with a bibical view.

The subject of your question to me about Nessie and Big Foot are answered in this presentation. Along with so much more. The author did a lot of study and research in this presentation.

You will find lots of interesting info on the page once you open it.
 "The Watchers- Nephilim "