Kevin Heckle (26 May 2011)
"False Scientific Proof that Elenin is a dwarf star ---Deception is real though"

The article posted here on 5/24
contends that her video link offers 'scientific proof' that Elenin is real'.  Just let me say that is true, Elenin is REAL, its just not an invisible dwarf star as claimed.  The narrator of the video offers it as proof, yet the article he cites makes no such claim.  In fact, the paper is a Cornell University paper (not NASA) in which the author repeatedly calls Elenin a 'comet'.  It is the author's conjecture that  that planetary resonant alignments inside the orbit of Uranus can help to cause earthquakes. He includes the influence of the highly IRREGULAR orbit of the newly discovered Elenin to strengthen his argument that our earthquakes are caused by non-earth bodies, as it's 30,000 km tail of debris helps to prove his 'georesonator' theory.   The article makes no mention of Niburu or Planet 10.  You can see for yourself here: (download the PDF to read the entire article)
Again, if Elenin were a dwarf star it would be at least the size of Jupiter but most likely larger.  Even if it had no emission of its own light it would reflect the sun's light just like every other object in our solar system does.  Even the tiny planetoid Pluto at the edge of the Oort Cloud reflects the light of the sun, as does the cometary object Elenin. 
Independent astronomers can see dwarf stars that are light-years away, yet are supposedly incapable of seeing one inside of our own system.  Thousands of we star gazers and astronomy clubs are in on the deception as well, hiding doomsday from their families.  Both are rubbish.
I did find the Cornell paper interesting though, as it validates some of my own Biblical findings in Job 38 and Daniel 12 as I posted back in January.
If fact the author's first diagram of an alignment shows a particular one that I cited that occurred at the tsunami of 2004.  It's the same but opposite alignment that will occur on 11/19/2011, which is 2520 days from the tsunami of 2004.  The transit of Venus in 2004 plus 200 days, the tsunami occurred, plus 2520 days to 11/19/2011, an exact but opposite-side-of-the-sun alignment of Venus-Earth and Mercury, plus 200 days is the Venus transit of 6-6-2012, a total of 2920 days, 8 years also known to the ancients as the Octaeteris.
Job stated that the Shachar(the planet Venus) shakes out the wicked, by taking hold of the ends of the earth, implying that the ancients knew what scientists are just now figuring out.  The Bible is correct, yet again.  Earthquakes follow the predictable alignments of the planets.
History will tell whether or not the small Elenin comet (compared to the other bodies in our system) will have any influence on the planet Earth, as does the morning star.
In Christ,
Kevin Heckle