Kevin Heckle (2 May 2011)
"How Long? - Daniel's Vision"



How Long? - Daniel’s Vision

Daniel describes his extraordinary vision starting in Chapter 10 and ending in Chapter 12.  He describes a scene (sketch above) beside a river: one man is on this side of the river; one man is on the far side of the river; and one clothed in linen UPON the waters of the river.  One of the men on the bank asks of the one upon the waters in the center, “How long shall it be till the end of these wonders?”  The man in linen upon the waters lifts his right hand and his left hand towards the heavens, as if to measure and swears by Him who lives forever.  The man lifting his left and right hand towards the heavens is incredibly important to interpreting the vision.

Strong’s H3225 – yamiyn –right hand or direction; south (direction of right hand while facing east)

Strong’s H8040 – semowl – left hand of direction; north (direction of left hand while facing east)

There then is a direct correlation between him lifting his right hand (south), left hand (north) and the answer which is a season (time), seasons (times) and a half.  The seasons are determined by how far north or south the sun rises.  In the northern hemisphere when the sun rises at its farthest point north, around June 20th, summer begins.  When the sun rises at its farthest point south, around December 21st, winter begins.  Typically, the time between is 182 days (182.62 average).  A season then would be 91 days (91.31 average), 4 seasons per year.  Daniel understood the “time appointed” though was LONG (greater) according to 10:1 or GREATER than the normal time.  Strong’s word for “time appointed” is tsaba H6635 means – that which goes forth of the SUN, MOON and STARS.

It would then be necessary to determine the length of the GREATER SEASON or cycles of the SUN, MOON and STARS to accurately determine the length of a “TIME, TIMES and a HALF”.  There would be 3.5 of these GREATER SEASONS of the SUN, MOON and STARS from Nisan 24, 3225 or Julian Serial Day Number 1,525,759.5. 

As I previously posted, the two values given in the text 1290 and 1335, totaling 2625 (which is also 3.5 times 750); if applied to the lunar year of 354.367 days would total 930,213.55 days.  Added to the date of Daniel’s Vision 1525759.5 yields the Julian Serial Day 2455973, which is in early 2012.  The strength of the 930213.55 days is increased by the fact that the SUM of 1 lunar year (354.367) plus 1 lunar LEAP year (383.897), which is 738.2647 days, when MULTIPLIED by 1260 (prophetic value equal to time, times and a half time) yields the same EXACT value of 930213.55 days.  This CANNOT be coincidence.   However, a “time appointed” by the SUN, MOON and STARS wouldn’t just consider 3.5 great seasons of the moon, it would take into account the Sun and stars. 

Another aspect of the Daniel’s Vision is that it specifically describes THREE individuals at the river, one being silent, one asking the question and one answering the question.  The one answering is described as being UPON the waters, in between the other two or more simply IN THE MIDDLE.  I believe this indicates that the value of the greater season of the sun, moon and stars would be an average (IN THE MIDDLE) reconciling the great cycles of ALL THREE.

One candidate for reconciling the great cycles of the sun, moon and stars is something the ancients called the Octaeteris, an 8 year period by which the sun moon and stars can be reconciled.  If you take the lunar period as a general timeframe 930,213.55 days and divided it by a SEASON (91) and by 3.5, the result is near the Octaeteris of 2921 day common value.  To calculate a season, seasons and a half of the Octaeteris: or 91 x 3.5 x 2921= 930,338.5 days.  This value added to the date of Daniel’s Vision (1525759.5 + 930338.5 = 2456098 or June 20, 2012 (The SUMMER SOLSTICE of 2012).  The average date between 2455973 and 2456098 is 2456035, April 17, 2012 or Nisan 25-26, 5772.  Amazingly, Daniel’s Vision was on Nisan 24 and the date in 2012 is Nisan 25 or 26, which is 2547 years later, on nearly the same date as summer draws near.  Is the beginning of the end-era in 2012? Adding another 1260 days is late September 2015, which is 2550 years from Daniel's Vision.

As the Lord is not willing that any should perish (2 Peter 3:9) only He knows the day and hour the last soul calls Him Lord.  He has given us this vision from Daniel though, and that it would be revealed in the last day. 


Kevin Heckle