Kevin (7 May 2011)
"OBL Info from the real Jack Ryan"

Dear Doves,
I have heard a lot of nonsense this week from the mainstream media about how the Obama administration assassinated Osama Bin Laden. I don't buy it. It's really convenient timing that Obama comes out with this story in the midst of attention being given to his fraudulent birth certificate. If we can't trust what Obama says about anything else, given his history of lying, then why should we trust him now that OBL was just now assassinated under his approval? I have been listening lately to Alex Jones, and he interviewed Dr. Steve Pieczenik a couple of days ago. Dr. Pieczenik is the real Jack Ryan from the Tom Clancy spy novels, and he was the man who contributed the information to Tom Clancy for his novels. This man has much more credibility than Obama could ever dream of having. He stated categorically that OBL died from kidney failure in 2001, and his body was frozen and kept in holding. He also said that the Bush jr. administration and Obama administration have made OBL the boogeyman to focus on to perpetuate the myth of a "War on Terror". Listen to what this man has to say before you start saying "Conspiracy Theorist". The truth is that evil men do conspire to change the world into what they want it to be. Please click on the links below to watch and listen to Dr. Pieczenik's interview. God bless you, and Keep Looking Up!