Kevin (28 May 2011)
"Re: June 3rd Movie Titles"

John & Doves,

Congratulations to Robert Belanger, Ed C, and Paul Wilson on their guesses at the June 3rd movie titles that are pointing to the rapture. Robert, I didn't even think about the "Beginners" and "Last Mountain" titles, but that was a good catch. You were correct about "Bride Flight", "Love, Wedding, Marriage", "Rejoice and Shout", and "The Lion of Judah". How amazing those titles are!
Ed C, I had not realized the order they were listed in, but that was a good catch by you brother. The order of the titles reads like an order of events to occur. Praise God!
Paul Wilson, you made me laugh when you guessed "X-Men First Class". That was actually the only movie from those titles that I have seen any previews of on TV.

Well, I know one thing for sure. We are getting so close now to our Blessed Hope of seeing Jesus in the air. Keep looking up!