Kevin (26 May 2011)
"Re: Ascension, Rapture, Pentecost 2011"

I really enjoyed your letter, and I find myself in agreement with you. Something I also noticed was a dream posted on RITA Now, in which a date of June 3rd, 2011 was given as the day of the rapture. I did a google search for "June 3, 2011", and the following website listing movies released that day was the first link that came up.

I noticed 4 movie titles that made my jaw drop. See if you can pick out those titles, and be blessed. Is it just a coincidence? I pray it's not. God bless, and keep looking up!


FJ (25 May 2011) 
"Ascension, Rapture, Pentecost 2011"

This year's Ascension Thursday and Pentecost Sunday are marked out by Eclipse!

It is a New Moon on the 1st of June and there is a partial Solar Eclipse
3 days later we have:
Ascension Day (officially the 2nd of June but an evening and morning day takes us into 3rd of June - into Dr Owuor's meeting time!)

3rd of June is the 1st of Sivan (God Descended on Mt Sinai in this Month - it is also the 3rd Month!)
     In the third month of the exodus from Egypt, they came to the Sinai desert!
3rd of June is 1st day of Dr Owuor's Kericho Meeting
3rd of June is correctly 40 days after Easter Sunday (not the 2nd of June)

Pentecost falls on June 12 - 10 days later (a day is evening to morning)
and 3 days later is June 15th is a partial Solar Eclipse 

Is the Rapture of the Body of Christ on the 3rd of June 2011?

Summer too is nigh... 

Everything fits just about but where in this is 11:11?

Glory to God!
Lift up your heads..