Keith Dickerson (6 May 2011)
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to all Doves and in particular:-
Dayana T (25 Nov 2010)
Ola Ilori (12 Feb 2011)
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Tony (18 Apr 2011)
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Whilst there so much compelling evidence to the Day 20/21st May, Marilyn Agee
E-mail Address(es): has clearly shown that our Lord should follow what he promised "that in like manner" ,we shall all be taken up on the DAY OF ASCENSION,which falls on 29th May. Our Lord is first a JEWISH MESSIAH, and will use this marvellous event as a testament to His people. See post...Marilyn Agee (25 Apr 2011)
"E. S. T. (23 Apr 2011) "CHRISTIANS: BARLEY OR WHEAT?"
Perhaps the above dates are a final warning to His elect.
There is such a hightened expectantcy over this period. One of the events to confirm is Rabbi Kaduri's prophecy of the death of Ariel Sharon, so look at one of the many websites, such as
We leave tomorrow for Dr Owuor's Kenya, traveling to some of the game reserves, and on 20th May ( my deceased brother's birthday) we will be at the foot of Mount Kenya. What a beautiful place to go home ,indeed!
Keith Davidson