Julie G (16 May 2011)
"Prayer request"

My mother, who is nearly 88 and has had excellent health, is having a bad year. First she had unexplained severe nosebleeds, and my father wouldn't let her out of the house. Then she tore a ligament in her foot, and was still stuck in the house. Then once she'd recovered from that, she began feeling poorly, and was diagnosed with anemia so severe the doctors couldn't understand why she was still able to walk. So they put her in the hospital, where she endured a week on nothing but clear liquids (and shocked us all, as we'd never seen her crotchety in all our lives!) and had more tests.

The diagnosis was a small spot of probable cancer in her colon (this was the cause of the anemia). That actually wasn't bad news, since in her family the usual thing is cutting out the bad piece of colon, getting on with normal life, and never having a reappearance of the cancer.

To make a long story short, the surgery was successful (though she was a bit peeved that they'd only taken out 12" whereas her older brother had had 18" removed! *rolls eyes*) but there have been complications. Yesterday they did more surgery to try to figure out why her intestines still weren't doing what they're supposed to do. Hopefully the surgeon got everything taken care of.

But anyway, we hope that there will be no further complications, that she will heal well from this second surgery in six days, and that she will not have to go through the total misery she was in during the week after the first surgery. Also that she will be able to eat real food soon!

Please pray also for my father, who is coping as well as he can but is really quite fearful, and for my brother, who spent a week here but flew home believing all was well.

I'll just add that my mom is a Christian, my father has finally achieved some sort of relationship with God (yay!), and my brother long ago lost whatever faith he'd had as a teenager (while he was here, I gave him C.S. Lewis's "Mere Christianity" for his birthday; please pray that he'll read it).

Thank you all.