Josua (23 May 2011)
"Rapture equation: 211 + 524 = 888 -153"

Dear John + all Doves,

maybe my last post was a bit too complicated to grasp the simple
maths... ...what I wanted to show is:

211 + 524 = 888 -153


211 + 524 + 153 = 888

211 and 524 are taken from your post:

888 is the greek gematria for Jesus. It can also be seen in Revelation
3:8 (-> 3x8 -> 888), which tells us about the open door of the rapture
for the Philadelphia church.

153 is the amount of fishes caught in John 21:11. (-> 21st century,
11th year?). Catching up fishes somehow sounds like an analogy for the
rapture to me. Another interesting scripture, 1. Thess 5:3 (1-5.3)
points to sudden destruction.

I somehow always had a feeling that 153 and 888 are important numbers.
I thought that they may even point to the Rapture. I like the the
simplicity in Johns approach with 211 and 524, and was excited to find
how it perfectly fits the equation with 888 and 153.

As this all looks really serious to me, I'd like to ask each reader of
this post to sincerely pray about your life. If are are not 100% with
Jesus, repent now over your sins and be forgiven! Ask Jesus to become
your master. Give your life entirely into his hands. You don't need to
understand everything about the Bible or from internet forums, you
only need to trust Jesus and start loving him! It is never too late to
join in! This may be your very last chance.

Watch & pray!
YBIC, Josua