Josua (21 May 2011)
"Another clue for 5-24, 2011? 153, 888"

Dear John

I wanted to share something with you and all doves regarding the
rapture date 5-24, 2011.

A few weeks ago, I asked God for some kind of sign through plates on
cars. In specific I asked him to see a car with number plate 153888.
Usually, cars here in Switzerland have two letters followed by 6
numbers (I was just asking for the numbers).

Why 153888? Well, simple because I like it. 153 for the 153 fishes
caught by Jesus, and 888 for the gematria of Jesus.

I was maybe a bit stupid to even pray to see the car with this number
only on the day of the rapture - not before.

Exactly 1 week ago, I suddenly saw a car with the number 153888 while
I was back from my work on my bicycle. I got excited, but nothing
happened. So I got a bit disappointed and thought it was cheeky of me
to ask something like that.

Now since I prayed this a few weeks ago, I always (nearly every day!)
see a parked car on the way to/from my work with the number 'BE
677211'. I always liked it because 677+211 = 888. I really see this
car nearly every day, since weeks. Today, while thinking about your
post for the rapture date 5-24, 2011, I realized that 2011 is hidden
in the last 3 digits of 677211. I then took the first three digits 677
and subtracted 524 (for May 244) which results in 153!!!

So, in essence:

I asked for XY 153 888
I always got BE 677 211

Mixing those numbers with 5-24, 2011:

677-524 = 153 (524 -> May, 24)
677+211 = 888 (211 -> 2011)

Just a strange coincidence?! - I think not!

Watch & Pray!
YBIC, Josua
Wow! Thanks, Josua!