Joseph Till (27 May 2011)
"June 4 and my mom's passing"

Hi Doves,

All this talk about a possible rapture before June 5, has got me thinking
about an "impression" I felt I got last year at this time.

My mom passed away one year ago this Friday, May 27.  Her funeral and burial
was June 4, 2010.  In my sorrow, and praying to the Lord for comfort and
peace, I "felt" an impression that the Lord put on my heart that I would be
with her again in less than a year.

May 26, 2010 was the last day I saw her alive at the hospice.  She passed
away at 4AM on the 27th.  So, it has been a year today that I last saw her
alive.   Technically, the last day I "saw" her or laid eyes on her body, was
at her funeral June 4.

I'm not saying this is a prophecy, a vision, or a "thus sayeth the Lord..."
It's just a impression that I had briefly, that could have been a word from
the Lord.  I could be wrong, as I'm not always good at discerning the Lord's
voice, and in my sorrow and grief at the time, I could've been mistaken
looking for any sign of comfort.   However, if I did hear from the Lord,
this June 4 date would fall right in line with this time frame we're
watching.    I miss mom very much and hope to see her again soon.

By the way, something interesting happened that morning that she passed.  My
little girl, who was 6 at the time and was very close to my mom (she called
her "Oma"), said that Jesus spoke to her and said that it was okay, that Oma
was safe with Him, and it was her time to come home, and that He told her,
"soon you will be with me too!"   She loves the Lord, but never ever said
anything like this before, that Jesus Himself spoke to her.

I was comforted greatly by her claim, but I needed confirmation for myself
to know if she really heard from Jesus.  So, that night, I was up late
working on my mom's eulogy, and went to go pray before going to bed.  I
asked the Lord for confirmation that my little girl really did hear from
Jesus and that what He told her was true.  I then felt that God was
prompting me to look at the time on the clock- it was 3:38 AM.   I didn't
understand, so I asked the Lord for understanding, and felt He prompted me
to think about the calendar.  It was then that I realized that the 338th day
of the year is December 4, which was my mom's birthday!

My little girl also recently had a dream about the rapture, which was
interesting, because we never really discussed it much with her, figuring it
might be too intense a subject for someone her age.  What was really
interesting, was that it was very similar to my one and only dream I had of
the rapture when I was in 8th grade in 1982.

Anyway, hopefully soon...

God Bless!