Jonathan Bloom (23 May 2011)
"Don't give up hope!"

I don't know what prompted Campton to nail down a specific day and
time. From what I have read, we can, AND SHOULD, watch the signs to
see it nearing, BUT we will never know the exact time.

My belief is this: God wants us to not get complacent, he doesn't want
us to live a sinful life and turn at the last second. He wants us to
strive to live life not knowing if the next moment is our last. If we
knew the exact time, I know I would be MAJORLY tempted to sin and be
lazy until right before the time.

We are told to watch for signs to help show people that the Bible was
right. The signs Aldo remind us that we need to be alert, lest we fall
asleep and miss it. God was smart to not tell us the time or the day,
if he did-we as humans would abuse the knowledge.

We ARE close. I KNOW this because of the signs. NOW, close does not
mean the same as our definition of close. Close means it is coming,
but we don't know when. It's been close since the time Jesus ascended.
We keep getting cls