John B (5 May 2011)
"Re: Rene----The "False Mary""

To continue along with your topic "the false Mary"---------
I few months back I wrote an article to Doves concerning the Roman Catholic Church and part of this article had to do with the "false Mary"--- the unbiblical Mary--- that they have created and lean on so heavily to maintain their followers. In the below text from my previous article I describe the Mary of the bible (God's earthly mother) and then the false Mary that the RCC has created for their needs and evil purposes. It is quite a contrast from God's words to theirs.
God's Words concerning the Virgin Mary
Lets focus for a minute on Mary the beloved mother of Jesus from what God's word tells us.  She was found to be the highly favored one, blessed among women,  whom the Lord was with .  A virgin woman who God chose to be the vessel to accomplish the birth of Jesus conceived in her by the Holy Spirit. A woman who all generations hence would recognize as blessed by God to have been chosen the earthly birth mother of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Then there are brief glimpses of her life up to and soon after Jesus' death. There is nothing in God's word about her death or her husband Joseph's or their children's deaths. With those details and the lack of details of many of the early saints one can using God's Word be assured that after their deaths that their souls (again using God's Words of) ----absent from the body and present with the Lord--- determine that Mary and Joseph's and their children's souls are present with the Lord in heaven but waiting with millions of others who are dead to receive their immortal bodies at the Rapture of the Church.
Man's words or more specifically the Roman Catholic Church's words concerning the Virgin Mary
Now lets see what completely unbiblical and blasphemous details the RCC has created for Mary the earthly mother of God throughout the centuries turning her into this "false Mary" for the benefit of the RCC.
1)In 1854 Pope Pius IX proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary meaning she was born without sin. There is nothing in God's word to substantiate this and it was dreamt up by RCC.
2) The RCC teaches the "Perpetual Virginity of Mary" saying that she was a virgin before, during and after the birth of Jesus. Nowhere is this found in God's word . RCC made it up. In fact God's word says Jesus had siblings born to Mary. His brother James for one example. Matthew 1:24 talks about Joseph not having any sexual relations with her "until" after Jesus was born.
3) The RCC declared in 1950 by Pope Pius XII  "The Assumption of Mary" that she was raptured or ascended into heaven. Absolutely nothing to back this up in God's word. Made up by RCC
4) The RCC declared Mary as "The Mother of All Christians", the mother of all believers. Absolutely unbiblical---dreamt up by RCC.
5) The RCC declared Mary is "The Mediatrix" and that she intercedes for all believers between them and God when the bible very clearly states in 1Timothy 2:5 and 1 John 2:1 that Jesus Christ is the only mediator between men and God the Father. Again the RCC merely made this up with no biblical foundation for their actions.
6) The RCC in 1922 under Pope Benedict XV declared Mary to be "The Co-Redemptrix"  meaning that she gets co-credit for the redemption of man's sins that Jesus paid for on the cross. Completely unbiblical---complete blasphemy. Conjured up by RCC
7) The RCC has declared Mary to be "Queen of Heaven". That she has risen to a level of divinity with our triune Godhead. Not biblical and absolutely baseless fabrication and blasphemy on the part of RCC.
8) And to go along with #7 the RCC has declared Mary to be "The Mother of God" not just His earthly mother but also His heavenly mother. Complete blasphemy again dreamt up by RCC.
The truth will set you free,
      John B