John B (3 May 2011)
"Re: Drew, Eliane B, Rene------Deadly Head Wound--- identity of antichrist--- false Mary"

Drew to answer your question:
There are so many people out there that are confused or have been led astray about the head wound of the first beast, the antichrist. Consequently they keep looking for someone or waiting for someone to develop a head wound and this will not be the case and will not happen.
Let me explain, the bible says that the first beast (the antichrist) will have seven heads and ten horns. And that one of these seven heads was mortally wounded and was healed. God later tells us in Rev. 17 that these seven heads represent seven kings. So with that information we know that one of these seven kings will be mortally wounded and he will heal from his wound. Not a head wound but a wounded king. And this aspect of bible prophecy has already been fulfilled.
If you have read any of my prior posts I went into great detail explaining this and I will post some links below for the long version. But here is the abridged version---the bible goes into great detail in Rev.17,18 to describe the seven heads of the first beast (the antichrist) and that they represent seven kings and that one of these kings is the antichrist and he is also in complete collaboration with a drunken harlot woman. John the Revelator went into extreme detail to describe this woman as the Roman Catholic Church and that she and the beast will be in full collaboration. "The woman rides the beast----"
God then gives us a verbal puzzle so that we can determine who this beast is and the number that represents him. Again the condensed version is that the Vatican State was made a country in 1929 and has since had seven popes which also are the official kings of that country. In John's vision he was focused on the sixth pope (king) and God's verbal riddle also points to the sixth pope (king) which is John Paul II who will also be the eighth pope and the antichrist as per the bible. 
John Paul II has already fulfilled the prophecy that one of these seven kings will have been mortally wounded and that his wound was healed. If you remember he was shot, mortally wounded, and survived. So don't look or wait for Obama or anyone else to fulfill the prophecy, it has already happened.
So Drew, I hope this clears up the muddy water for you and others who were wondering about this head wound----it will not happen. And as I said before, the whole story (in greater detail) is linked below.
If you have been following the news and Doves I am sure you probably read about the dress rehearsal the idol worshipers had this past Sunday (May 1st--pagan--demonic holiday) in Rome when they un-tombed their soon to be resurrected king. The pictures and video were like something out of a horror movie as they were kissing and idolizing John Paul II's blood that was displayed in an idol.  Note pictures 14 and 15,    Special Thanks!! to Eliane B for this site and pictures
Soon the rapture of the church will happen and shortly after that, a representation of John Paul II will miraculously appear to be resurrected from the dead. He, through the power of satan will display marvelous signs and wonders completely deceiving the populous of earth. He will have all the answers as to what just happened to millions of people who just disappeared. He will declare he is God. He will orchestrate a one world religion and a one world government. He will form an alliance with ten nations who are of "one mind" which will be Islam. His right hand man the false prophet will be the Madi, the awaited Muslim prophet. The Madi will see to it that the Islamic nations give their power and authority to the beast John Paul II. He will also have at his command demonic fallen angels for he is the king of the bottomless pit. He will also command the UFO's(demons) that the Catholic Church has recently been befriending in the media. After declaring himself to be God he will mandate that everyone on earth take his mark on their forehead or hand. Failure to do so will prevent them from buying or selling and failure to do so will result in death. 
And this woman spoken of in Rev.17 I believe has two meanings. She represents the Catholic Church but I believe she also represents "the Mary of the Catholic Church" who is not the mother of Jesus but an evil entity who the Catholic Church has elevated to the level of Godhead and as co-redeemer with Jesus, not to mention a number of other blasphemous titles. I believe without a doubt that this entity, this evil Mary, will also make an appearance on the world stage to make the great deception even greater. We saw previews of this last week with her appearance in Africa. It's going to be a dog and pony show of unprecedented proportions that will mesmerize the planet.
In Christ our savior,
John B
Rene (30 Apr 2011)
"Holy Papa's Holy Blood"

Holy blood, holy crucifixes, holy grail, holy statues, holy scapulars, holy relics, holy water, holy cats, holy rosaries, holy communion! What can we expect from a church that will be taken over by a spotted leopard (holy cat) and considers everything they touch with their holy water, sacred? Putting a vial (vile) of Paul II's blood on display? This church is run by hooded  priests pretending to be holy while they carried on international acts of barbarism (pedophiles) against young children for years. None of this surprises me!  They keep holy relics on hand that they claim are from bygone saints so they can promote the worship of inanimate objects!  God warns people to come out of her! That's HIS advice. Good advice that most people won't heed! They simply just cannot bring themselves to believe that their HOLY FATHER could be more corrupt that the devil himself! Just ask any "good" practicing Cat-holic. They will tell you that they LOVE their Catholic faith and won't give it up for anything and they won't! They'd rather cling to their rosaries and scapulars and dead saints and go to hell with them rather than believing the WORD OF GOD where such practices are an abomination! They'd rather put their faith in the Queen of Heaven (as described in Isaiah) than in the Lamb of God!  Most of them you simply cannot talk any sense into to. They are blind as bats and won't give up their idols!