John B (27 May 2011)
"Joplin---Could this be a Rapture preview for the finale??"

I awoke from sleep last night and many thoughts of the tragedy in Joplin, Missouri were in my head as if the Lord was sharing information with me. After thinking about this information I rolled to my back and looked at the time digitally displayed on the ceiling, it read 4:44.  This has happened to me on several occasions where I seem to glean information and the time will be 4:44.
For what it is worth I will share the thoughts I had at that time not knowing whether they are mine alone or from the Lord.
I am sure you know by now if you have been following the news that 1500 people are missing from Joplin, Missouri after the massive tornado struck the city. Where are these people? It is like they have vanished, for there appears to be no trace or remains of them. I believe (from my thoughts last night) that this could be some sort of "first rapture event"  that previews the main rapture where millions will go missing and be unaccounted for when the worldwide earthquake strikes. Just like the previews you see at the movie studios for coming attractions, I believe God may be showing us what will come in the near future.
Remember from scripture, at the rapture, there were several scenarios where one is taken and the other is left behind. In that light, most of you have heard the high profile story that a boy was driving home from his high school graduation with his father when the Joplin tornado struck, and all 6'4" of him was sucked through the sunroof of his vehicle never to be seen again, leaving his father badly injured and "left behind" in the vehicle.
Why would God choose Joplin, Missouri for this preview or warning of what is to come? Maybe because Joplin was named after it's "first" settler, Rev. H.G. Joplin. He was the "first" settler and maybe this is the "first" pre-main rapture event and those taken and missing are somehow the "first" Gentiles to be taken in this end time scenario. It's like God authenticating His holy words concerning  the rapture scenario where you will be here on earth one moment and in the twinkling of an eye you are vanished and gone.
In the last month or so most of major shows on TV have been previewing their finales for their "end of the season" show, whether it be Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, Hawaii Five O, NCIS or any of a score of others. It appears that God through Joplin, Missouri may also be previewing the finale of one of the greatest biblical stories ever written----------the one where He comes for His Gentile Bride in the rapture of His church.
Christ be with you always,
John B