John (7 May 2011)
"Jan Mikael (6 May 2011) "thoughts about David Wilkerson's accident, Tornadoes, and Palestine...""

Hi Jan,

Great find! and thanks for sharing. David Wilkerson is leaving a monumental call behind to get ready for the Lord's return.
This modest man of God is talking volumes while not being with us anymore. God is calling upon America to turn to Him. As much a major earthquake struck Japan, the second one will hit America, just as David prophesied. He passed away on April 27 = 3* 9. 9 is the number of judgment; three times a nine tells me it's the final judgment that's imminent.

Also, April 27th is Nissan 23 this year, the first day after the 8-day Pesach feast, that runs from Nissan 14 thru 22. David was promoted to glory as a first fruit from the sacrificial lamb Yeshua right after completing Pesach.

The video in your message shows a very interesting link to the name 'Palestine' (tornado's over Edom; Lake Palestine; the place Palestine, Tx). Note that space shuttle Columbia 'disintegrated' on its return to earth at the location of .... Palestine, Texas. Chilly. Columbia = US?

We're getting real close.

Waiting for His return

John, NL