John (7 May 2011)
"Veronica N (6 May 2011) "Jesus is coming very soon" + GFC #2"

Dear sister, dear Doves,

I've been saying almost the same prayer in the same circumstances over the past few weeks, and I'm asking the Lord to confirm if He indeed is coming soon. He's been telling me very, very clearly indeed, not to worry and put and keep all my trust in Him, while making reference to His soon return.

Today, I suspect we also see the start of Global Financial Crisis number 2. After a few quarters of artificial 'growth' in the US and Europe, based on an insane freely available money policy for the Big Boys and their banking friends and political stooges, the financial system is about to collapse. This time it will probably start in Europe, with the disintegration of the Euro-zone. Greece is totally unable and unwilling to pay back its debt and may be opting out of the Euro. The European finance ministers meet tonight (May 6) and the leading German 'Der Spiegel' newspaper has been floating this classified story, resulting in a further decline of the Euro after a massive fall yesterday.

If Greece would leave the Euro, numerous 'investors' and big banks from France, Italy, Germany etc. will be holding the (empty) bag, as Greece will want to 'restructure' (read: delete) most of its Euro-debt and start with a clean slate, like Iceland. That will cause revolt amongst taxpayers all over the Eurozone, as all these banks now need 'bailouts' from their governments.

This will probably result in nothing short of another Lehman type financial collapse. We're facing some very serious turmoil very soon. Make sure you know who your friends are and stock appropriate staple food and fuel as long as your paper money still has some value. It won't be long, and the money is not worth the paper it's printed on.

What a privilege we have waiting for our blessed Hope.

John, NL