John (14 May 2011)
"A poem and a short Message"

To: John and all of the doves.

Hello, I have followed this site for many years, on a couple of occasions
I have written a note or two. I like many of you on this site feel in my
heart that very soon a great change will occur. I have hope that it is
Christ's soon return. In not, I will continue to accept his blessings and
will strive to live a life that is acceptable to him.  From time to time
God inspires me to write poetry. Here is one of my latest. It seems
appropriate at this time.

God Bless and Keep looking up!


Mercy and Signs (5-5-11 and 5-12-11) <--- The dates I worked on this poem

The news is filled with stories of dread
Of accidents, of disasters, and how many are dead?
How quickly it happened, how nothing is there
The survivors are left; with an un-focusing stare.

But in the midst of the chaos, signs will appear
Of your mercy in action, and it will be clear
That all who prayed to you, in that catastrophe
Received some mercy, from he who set us free.

The prayer that was made, may not have come true
But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t listening to you
His plan and our plans are rarely the same
Yet when something goes bad, he gets the blame?

When bad things happen now we really get sad
When good people die, we often get mad
How life is not fair, you should have stepped in
And not even let the tragedy begin

It’s true as creator you’re in charge of it all
But in the garden of Eden, we caused the fall
When we chose evil, the original sin
We started a battle, that we could not win.

We sold our inheritance we gave it away
When we followed evil on that terrible day
But you did not worry because you had a plan
A way to forgiveness, with an innocent man.

Your son would come down here, he would suffer and die
He would free us from sin and ascend in the sky
He would recover for us, the deed to the earth
He would cleanse us of our sins, by a new rebirth.

He went into heaven to prepare us a place
A mansion for all of us; the whole human race.
The price of this mansion is accepting his grace.
And by confessing to God, we’re a sinful race .

By death and resurrection he offers a path
Allowing us a way, not to suffer God’s wrath
But until he returns evil still will be here.
So will death and misery, Let me make it clear.

Evil will still happen until Christ has returned
He will punish the wicked; for God they have spurned
He will cleanse the earth, and remove everything bad
Only then will all news, be happy and not sad!