Joe M (11 May 2011)
"Susan B"

Dear Susan,

I see you've been getting some excellent advice.  My wife and I have prayed for you, too.  Years ago, I had panic attacks.  I even read an article that they've become common.  In the U.S. some 39 million people have had them.  In my case, I had changed my diet for the better supposedly, which I put that way because what I was doing backfired.  You see, I started eating wheatgerm with cereal because it's packed with nutrients.  Well, I started having panic attacks.  I prayed and fasted and the Lord said not to eat wheat.  So, I was allergic to the wheat germ.  He also showed me to stay away from corn syrup.  I still eat some wheat, it's hard not to, but definitely not wheat germ.  I also take those probiotic acidophilus pills before a meal.  This helps.  Once you've had a panic attack, it's tough after that because the devil tries to instill fear.  So we have to rebuke the spirit of fear.

So hang in there.  Trust God!