Joe Chappell (28 May 2011)
"Harold Camping  a " Camped Herald "?"

Dear Doves,
The name Harold Camping has played in my mind for the last couple of days.  It just seems to have a message all it's own.
If you turn it around a little to say Camped Herald, it seems to indicate or give a picture of a Hearld, or someone who is about to announce something, who has paused or camped for some reason.
Sort of like a Trumpeter, who is poised to give the trumpet blast.
Years ago, I had a much loved Cocker Spaniel named BooBoo. Her full name was Taboo, but we called her BooBoo affectionately.  A little black fur ball, she loved to run to me at full speed, and jump into my arms, and then try to lick my face. Booboo,  was a born pointer.  When she was a puppy, she would see a bird on a wire, and assume the perfect stance of a pointer. She would freeze, and then slowly turn her head to see if you noticed the bird. No one taught her this, it was just innate. 
Doves , perhaps many of you feel like a born "Pointer".  This is you Day, this is your appointed hour. POINT !!!
So, Harold Camping, has pointed out something very effectively, that I feel every born again Christian should be pointing out to everyone who will,  and will not listen. The Rapture , and following 7 years of Tribulation, are imminent.
I never heard the word " Rapture " repeated so many times on secular media. The day of the 21st, it was the dominant word on every TV and radio network . You simply could not escape it.
So now, Camping has set another date, October 22.
That gives the Watchers,  approximately five months to watch and wait, expect and pray,  and the World,  to Mock. Almost like enclosing the summer of 2011 in giant parenthesis.  
If we make it through the summer, we have that much more time to bombard Heaven on behalf of our unsaved friends and family.
Like most of you, I belive the Rapture could be any moment.
However, I feel a special urgency like I have never felt before.
I pray that this feeling of urgency will be turned into a passion that will drive us all to separation from this world, and a life of  holiness before  our Lord.
I pray that this passion will drive us to our knees, on behalf of the lost.
I pray that this passion, and a renewed desire to live a righteous and holy life, will lend us a voice that will be heard by sincere people who are searching for the ,Truth and the Light, the one and only Jesus Christ, our soon coming King !!!
Lord, give us a Voice.