Joe Chappell (21 May 2011)
"My Rapture Dream"

Dear Doves,
Thursday morning 5-19-11, I awoke around 4am, after having a brief but vivid dream.
In the dream, I saw a large group of people on a baseball diamond. Only the diamond was huge. It stretched out in all directions. I somehow realized I was one of the people on the field.
All the people were young, some were children. Suddenly they all had the idea to take their clothes off, including shoes. In the dream I was doing the same thing, but I didn't see anyone unclothed. Then we were all wearing the same thing, and looking up and smiling, and it was a beautiful sunny day. Then I said something like " Oh Wow " because I was looking up too. Then I realized it was the Rapture, and even in the dream, I was surprised.
That was the general feeling of the whole dream, the Surprise ! It was very fast, like a few seconds.
Doves, I am on the edge of my seat ! Especially after this speech by the "O"  yesterday. Is there any doubt who this man is ?
Then today, Glenn Beck made his announcement about Israel, which has been planned for some time. Netanyahu will speak today. I will be listening ! Things are hapening so fast !
Doves............see you soon !  joechappell