Jimmy Lishman (2 May 2011)
"27, 27, it will be 27.....20-20 hindsight"

Hi Beloved Doves

In January of 2010 I received a message late at night in an audible word spoken in my bedroom while my family slept, which I posted on 5 Doves the same day…(I had a feeling of closure of a period that I could not explain)

Now in retrospect I know what it was. I was led to my Rebirth as a new born Christian in 1970 after watching The Cross & The Switchblade movie by Dr David Wilkerson at a Church gathering.


“The path of the righteous is like the first gleam of dawn, shining ever brighter till the full light of day,” states Pro_4:18 (NIV), and as the man born blind and healed by JESUS in John 8, where that man’s growth in “light” proves it as he was questioned by the Pharisees over & over until he “saw the LIGHT” and was saved by the revealing of JESUS in his life. The man’s “Lord, I believe!” was the turning point in his life.


So was the Movie of Dr Wilkerson’s for me, a moment in time when through tears of realization, I came to know JESUS as my LORD & SAVIOUR.

I have read David Wilkerson’s daily messages for about 2 years now – and to suddenly see his obituary instead of his sermon last week, I realized what the 27 I had received was all about.

A period has ended for the ministry being poured out and that it was time to get ready to be in the presence of the TRUE LIGHT as a member of The BRIDE.

All I can say now is GET READY and while you wait….be a Christian who has THE Light in his heart (2Co_4:6) and who is a light in the world (Mat_5:14). Walk in the light (1Jn_1:1-10) and produce the fruit of light (Eph_5:8-9).


Maranatha – BE READY AT ALL TIMES for the time of witnessing is at an end

Love Jimmy