Jimmy Lishman (19 May 2011)
"Scoffers - The increase and the awakening to who the LORD uses to further HIS Plan of the Ages"

Hi Doves,

I have been on a 10 day break at a rural seaside spot in a tent – no technology and no phones just peace as HE prescribes for all and soon will be for all.

On driving back (an 11 hour journey) I got to thinking on Harold Camping’s date and was disturbed in my spirit to the dishonor the man was doing to the name of Christian, when the LORD placed it in my heart thru the SPIRIT – I am using him(Harold) to sift the scoffers from the Bride and prepare those whom I have Chosen to be called out as MY Bride.

Great was my Joy(not surprise) on returning to my 5Doves Favourite resting place to see the John Tng (17 May 2011) "The Rapture Date"

Blessings to you John and all who lauded your script and elucidated further – You ARE ALL A BLESSING TO THE BRIDE IN WAITING.

I will look up with greater expectancy to see you all in the clouds



James P Lishman
Thanks, Jimmy!