Jimmy (27 May 2011)
"Mercer....Yom Yerushalayim / Jerusalem"

  Mercer, I looked at your post and it hit me. On the same day that we are looking, unless he comes first, as you point out is Jerusalem Day!!! Chuck Missler has said this often, and through the years I have told people the reason the Church doesn't go into the Tribulation is "the indignation is determined against the Jewish people and the city of Jerusalem". God's wrath was put on "the Body of Christ" at the cross. Daniel 9:24-27 is the greatest scripture I believe other than the writing's of Paul, that clarify the coming tribulation period is on the Jews in Jerusalem and an Unbelieving World.   Zechariah 12-14 tell us that the whole world goes mad (drunken) over Jerusalem. It is crystal clear that Jerusalem, which is the burdensome stone, is what the Lord uses to cut all the nations to pieces as they come against her and his chosen people during these seven years.  This is the place on earth where the Lord chose to write his name. If you look from an aerial map the mountains on which Jerusalem sits the Hebrew letter "Shin" is there. The Shekinah. Of course this is where we get the "Shekinah Glory" which departed the temple, but is on the way back returning in the flesh at the end of the indignation.  That postage stamp location is the center of the earth, the navel of the earth, the foundation stone that was used for all of physical creation. Praise God..What day from a human perspective could be more appropriate..Even So Come Lord Jesus...God Bless, Jimmy