Jimmy (25 May 2011)
"CJ...Must Post Brother"

 CJ...I have missed reading your studies over the last several weeks.   Your excitement is contagious.   I am glad your back.   I would like to add a couple of things.   Just finished watching "Bibi's" speech with my family.   I find it so intoxicating that over the last few days the world has been caught up, so to speak about the Rapture and the Peace Treaty.   For they do go hand in hand.   I am a 57 year old gentleman, and it has been 50 years since my father told me, "Son, you will live long enough to see all the armies of the world start to gather to take Jerusalem away from the Jewish people".  He believed he would also, but he has a better view today from the balcony with Jesus.  Bibi said in his speech "that Jerusalem is indivisible", and the next words where this "Peace can't be obtained without Security".  All the markers are here, as the Apostle Paul has made so clear in scripture.  "When they say Peace and Safety" then sudden destruction comes upon them, God's wrath is poured out on this world.  My father started explaining these things to me before the Jewish People even had Jerusalem, of course they didn't get it till the 67 War.  He knew a great deal of scripture.  He instilled in me a love for the Jewish People.  The Apostle Paul makes it crystal clear in scripture that we must be taken out of the way before this treaty is confirmed with the Anti-Christ. The reason I said "Intoxicating" earlier about the Rapture and the Peace Treaty all together over a few days is, these two events are the biggest argument starter's possible.  Literally most all of the world and those who claim the name of Christ believe that the "Jews are Occupiers" of this Land.  That the Lord is through with the Jew, and the Church has of course replaced them. God Bless him, but even before Mr Camping, the mention of the Rapture would either start a fight, have you laughed to scorn, or empty the room.   So we have had several days of the word Occupier tossed about, and we as believer's have been laughed to scorn somewhat with May 21st coming and going, but in my spirit, I am soaring.  I believe true believer's are looking even more.   I have often wondered about the "10 days" could it be between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur?   It has been several years since I did a long study on the "Days of Awe".   The Lord sits on his Throne during RH judging, the gates of Heaven are open (Jewish tradition), and we the Church have already been judged and there is a "Door Opened in Heaven", and I believe Yom Kippur is strictly for the Jews.   I have known for several years about the Law and Grace being given on Pentecost, but CJ I agree with you.   It appears Pentecost is the Lord's Moving Day in the light of dispensations with Ascension Day being the key for us.   If my understanding is correct then Pentecost seems to be pivotal in the light of 7 major feasts and it is the 4th right in the middle, (the servant lamp) (3+1+3) with 3 yet to be completely fulfilled with the Lord's second coming. Two Bible Promises..The Land Covenant and The Blessed Hope screaming to us. God Bless J R Church, I think he believed it was on Pentecost, and to quote him "Keep Looking Up"  ...Thanks CJ...looking forward to meeting you and I hope soon. If not keep winning souls to Christ..Jimmy