Jim Goodrick (7 May 2011)
"New High Rep coming  for the EU ? 3 nations which may be" plucked up" ?"

John and Doves,

There are significant hints concerning the political make up of the EU, coming forth from the media. 
Belgian is speaking here, as a sort of "capital of the EU" : 

1. There is a hint that Catherine Ashton ( EU High Representative ) has fallen out of favor with the EU elites, and will need to be replaced.
"In a bad day for the EU's high representative, Belgian foreign minister Steven Vanackere also on Wednesday told Belgian daily Le Soir that Ashton has left a vacuum at the centre of EU policy-making."

2. Her replacement is hinted at coming from OUTSIDE the EU.
"If there is silence and this silence is 'occupied' by France, Germany etc., Belgium will search for partners in other countries [instead of the EU]," he said.

3. If one reads between the lines, it can be seen that the UK, France and Germany
( "old Europe", high-lighted  in red )
just might be the three nations which are "plucked up by the roots", economically speaking. Daniel Chapter 7: 8.
"British foreign minister William Hague has in a landmark speech depicted the UK as a "global power" alongside a diminutive European Union useful chiefly in economic terms."
"I have never believed that the EU could or should act as if it were a nation state with a national foreign policy."

These insights can be gleaned from the following article :

In Him,
Jim Goodrick
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