Jim Goodrick (19 May 2011)
"Cary : Our First Love, Jesus ( 3 poems )"

Thank you Cary for your message of focusing on Jesus alone, our First Love.  It reminds me of these poems :

Three Poems :

O God I Love Thee

We Two
Answered Prayer

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O God , I Love Thee
by Gerard Manley Hopkins

O God, I love thee, I love thee---
Not out of hope of heaven for me
Nor fearing not to love and be
In the everlasting burning.

Thou, thou, my Jesus, after me
Didst reach thine arms out dying,
For my sake sufferedst nails and lance,
Mocked and marred countenance,
Sorrows passing number,
Sweat, and care and cumber,
Yea, and death, and this for me.
And thou couldst see me sinning:

Then I, why should I not love thee,
Jesu, so much in love with me ?
Not for heaven's sake; not to be
Out of hell by loving thee;
Not for any gains I see;
But just the way that thou didst me
I do love and will love thee:

What must I love thee, Lord, for then ?

For being my King and God.  Amen.

by Gerald Manley Hopkins

* * *
Our God is an Awesome God
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=38V8jnN1Kpw M. Smith

  We Two

I cannot do it alone;
     The waves run fast and high,
And the fogs close chill around,
     And the light goes out in the sky
But I know that we two shall win –
     In the end: Jesus and I.

I cannot row it myself –
    My boat on the raging sea.
But besides me sits Another,
    Who pulls or steers - with me.
And I know that we two shall come
    Safe into port: His child and He.

Coward, and wayward and weak,
    I change with the changing sky.
Today so eager and brave;
    Tomorrow, not caring to try;
But He never gives in - so we two
    Shall win - Jesus and I

Strong and tender and true,
    Crucified once for me!
Never will He change, I know,
    Whatever I may be.

But all He says I must do
    Ever from sin to keep free,
We shall finish our course and reach
    Home at last - His child and He.

 Author unknown

* * * * *
Answered Prayers

I sit in the dark wishing for a true friend,
Weeks pass by and that prayer had to end.

Next I prayed for a love of my own,
Some time goes by and I am left still alone.

I then ask God to send a miracle my way,
that wish diminished with each passing day.

I was angry at God for not answering my prayer,
That night in my dreams I was stopped by His stare.
"You hate me dear God, you turned me away!"
I then sat and listened to what God had to say.

"You wanted a friend so you got Me,
How truer to you can anyone be?
Yet instead you ignored Me and want more,
Asking for true love to appear at your door.

My child, My love for you reaches to the sky,
Yet once again you turned a blind eye.
So you wanted a miracle and what do I do?
I give you my Son who died just for you"

The tears started flowing as I heard what He said,
All these thoughts came flooding into my head.
Never alone, never unloved,
Always blessed by the One up above!

By Kristen


The Preeminence of Jesus Christ -- John MacArthur

Hymn : Abide with Me http://www.cyberhymnal.org/htm/a/b/abidewme.htm

Salvation http://hopetotheend.com/sal.html       Hope To The End       POEMS

(18 May 2011)

Charles Spurgeon http://www.apibs.org/chs.htm
“So to walk even as he walked.”
- 1John 2:6

Why should Christians imitate Christ? They should do it for their own sakes.

If they desire to be in a healthy state of soul-if they would escape the sickness of sin, and enjoy the vigour of growing grace, let Jesus be their model. For their own happiness’ sake, if they would drink wine on the lees, well refined; if they would enjoy holy and happy communion with Jesus; if they would be lifted up above the cares and troubles of this world, let them walk even as he walked.

There is nothing which can so assist you to walk towards heaven with good speed, as wearing the image of Jesus on your heart to rule all its motions. It is when, by the power of the Holy Spirit, you are enabled to walk with Jesus in his very footsteps, that you are most happy, and most known to be the sons of God. Peter afar off is both unsafe and uneasy.

Next, for religion’s sake, strive to be like Jesus. Ah! poor religion, thou hast been sorely shot at by cruel foes, but thou hast not been wounded one-half so dangerously by thy foes as by thy friends. Who made those wounds in the fair hand of Godliness? The professor who used the dagger of hypocrisy. The man who with pretences, enters the fold, being nought but a wolf in sheep’s clothing, worries the flock more than the lion outside. There is no weapon half so deadly as a Judas-kiss. Inconsistent professors injure the gospel more than the sneering critic or the infidel.

But, especially for Christ’s own sake, imitate his example. Christian, lovest thou thy Saviour? Is his name precious to thee? Is his cause dear to thee? Wouldst thou see the kingdoms of the world become his? Is it thy desire that he should be glorified? Art thou longing that souls should be won to him? If so, imitate Jesus; be an “epistle of Christ, known and read of all men.”