Jim Goodrick (10 May 2011)
"To Catch an Error by Lori Fiechter"

John and Doves,

One time we were reading Lori's poems on her site, and detected a typo and informed her.
Before day's end she sent this tongue-in-cheek reply. It is hilarious and we loved it. I'm sure you will too. 
Lori is a very gifted person. Do enjoy her poems.
In Him,
Jim and Angela Goodrick

To Catch an Error
( a poem in jest )

Although I double-check my own work,

I often see what isn't there but should be;

My own mistakes remain invisible.

You see, my errors all wear camouflage

such tiny, inconsequential, camo-cloaked errors)

You must have worn powerful goggles

to spot them so readily.

I do try to catch the critters
but their evasive maneuvers are beyond me.


My errors are unlike yours.

Your errors dress in hunter orange

with luminescent sequins.

They wear leaden boots

on their watermelon-sized feet.

How can you miss them??

Obviously, you have. I'd like to help you--

here, I have them tagged and labeled,

neatly and in order of increasing irritation.

But what? You have a box for me as well?

--a rather stout and sturdy box,

sealed with heavy duty duct tape?

Ah, Thanks.
Thanks so
very much.
lori fiechter