Jim Bramlett (2 May 2011)
""Whatever You Want To Call It, It's Coming""

Dear friends:

There is an object up there in the heavens that is getting closer and closer, and getting more and more attention.  It seems to be coming our way.  It is variously called Elenin, Nibiru, and/or Planet X.  Sometimes the terms are used synonymously.

The object is in an elliptical orbit around the sun, passing by here about every 3600+ years.  When passing near us, it is believed to cause great disruptions in the earth.

There is a 10-minute YouTube video that is an interesting analysis based on a NASA computer model of the object relative to the sun, our planet, and others.  The video is titled "Planet Elenin - Nibiru - Whatever You Want To Call It, It's Coming," and is at  www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfOfBrNUOGA&feature=related

The author uses a computer program to place the object in different alignments with the earth and sun on certain dates.  Below is what he found:


September 4, 2010.
  Elenin in alignment with sun and earth.  7.2 quake in Christchurch, New Zealand.

February 27, 2010.  Elenin in alignment with sun and earth.  8.8 earthquake in Chile.

In the above alignments, Elenin was OUTSIDE the solar system


This year, in the below alignments, Elenin will be INSIDE the solar system,
much closer to us, the effects probably much greater.

(From another source: "March 4th, 2011 marks the day that the brown dwarf breaks through the ecliptic plane into the northern hemisphere to begin influencing the Earth.  March 15, 2011 is the first of three conjunctions where the earth is caught in the gravitational gradient lines--or the trough-that binds the sun and brown dwarf together."  NOTE: The massive Japanese earthquake occurred on March 11, 2011.)

September 27, 2011.  Elenin now actually inside the earth's orbit, and in alignment with sun and earth.  This is just one day before Rosh Hashanah!

October 17, 2011.  Elenin and earth the closest, with earth crossing nearby.  Potential major effects on the earth, possibly of biblical proportions.  This will be in the midst of Sukkot (Tabernacles).

November 5, 2011.  Earth passes through Elenin debris field, posing serious potential problems.

November 23, 2011. As Elenin moves on, it will be in a similar position it was when the Chile quake hit, except it will be about six times closer!

Friends, we are at the end of the age, and Jesus is coming soon.  Keep looking up.  We are seeing Bible prophecy coming to pass.



Clarification.  I mentioned "Elenin, Nibiru, and/or Planet X."  Sometimes the name "Tyche" is used instead.  If you google these names you get all kinds of opinions, such as when they were discovered.  Elenin was supposedly discovered by a Russian named Leonid Elenin in December 2010.  Nibiru is sometimes credited to the ancient Sumerians some 5,000 years ago.  Planet X goes back to the 1980s.  It is all very confusing.  But as I said, sometimes the names are used synonymously.  Are they all the same?  I do not have a definitive answer.  Just know that there is something out there, and it is coming this way!

Don't forget to duck!  (And pray.)