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Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler   
Tuesday, 03 May 2011

Shark food.  "As he was hiding behind a woman he was using as a shield, we blew his skull apart, then handled the body according to Islamic practice and tradition."  Right.  Then stuffed some bacon in his mouth and fed him to the sharks.  What an appropriate fate for the Great Moslem Scumbag.

Goodnight, Osama.  Next?  Goodnight, Pakistan.  Which could mean, goodnight, Obama. First, though, let's take a brief moment to say goodnight to moral relativism.

When the current President of the United States, the most left-wing president in history, says killing a Moslem revered over the world by millions of other Moslems is "a good day for America," and millions of Americans joyously celebrate the killing - you know liberal politically correct multi-culti moral relativism has suffered a career-threatening injury.

PC libs like writers for WaPo wasted no time sneering at celebrants chanting USA! USA! As "vulgar," and warning them the moral implications of killing OBL were "complicated," because:

"When I saw that folks were celebrating in the streets at the news of bin Laden's death, my first reaction was a cringe. Remember how we all felt watching videos of Muslims dancing in celebration on Sept. 11, 2001?  Are we simply creating star-spangled recruitment tapes for a new generation of terrorists killing in the name of their new martyr?"

No, it's not morally complicated, it's crystal clear:  an evil monster gets exactly what he deserves, justice heroically prevails, the audience wildly applauds, end of movie.  Sorry, libs.

And in response to all this lefty hand-wringing, "Oh, they're going to come after us for this, we'll suffer terrorism more than ever now, woe is us" - well, while it's certainly appropriate for our security services to be on high alert, I don't think Moslem Terrorism, Inc. Is going to do squat.

Which is why the photos of Osama with his brains blown out need to be made public quickly.  They are said to be truly gruesome.  The more gruesome they are the better.  Rather than inspiring Muzzies to commit more terrorism, such pics will inspire them to realize:  This is what happens to you if you screw with America.

The Chinese need to see those pics  - to indelibly reinforce the sobering impact the Osama Hit has made upon them.  No military force in the world, including most assuredly theirs, can come remotely close to pulling something like this off.  This has stunned the Chicoms, like a bitch-slap out of the blue.

Another OMG moment for the Chicoms was the total political incorrectness of the operation. 

We told nobody, not even closest allies.  Most importantly, we didn't tell the Paks we were going to militarily invade their country.  We just did it, violated Pak sacred airspace and sovereignty, killed the bastard right next door to the Pak Military Academy, we're done and dusted inside 40 minutes and had flown the body away to be fed to the sharks before the Paks knew anything.

And any complaints by anybody, from Paks to Chicoms to angry Muzzies to scandalized liberals, were contemptuously dismissed with a thank-you-for-sharing shrug.

Now, since Chinese think long-range, here's what's really worrying them.  They are thinking, with Zero, this is a one-off.  A guy who bows to rulers of medieval desert kingdoms and has an ineradicably deep antipathy towards his own country is not going to undergo a personality transplant.

But what about the next guy - or gal?  A president who will consistently, not erratically, defend America's best interests with no qualms or apologies?  If that happens, the Chicoms have no hope of catching up with America, militarily or economically.

The Chinese have the luxury of calculating long-range.  The Paks do not.  There will be a China for a long time to come.  Pakistan may not have much time to go as an intact nation.

The story of Pakistan's ridiculous creation as a make-believe country was told in The Lunacy of a British Legacy (July 2006).   It is a tribal mélange of Sindhis, Baluchis, Punjabis, Pushtuns, Muhajirs (Moslem immigrants from India) et al, all of whom despise each other.  The glue is supposedly Islam, but the Sunnis hate the Shias, they both hate the Ismailis, the Islamists hate everyone else, and they all hate the Christians.

The real glue, the biggest business in the country, is the Pakistan Army, whose purpose is to hate India, and whose generals control most Pak companies of any appreciable size.

Nonetheless, as the Lunacy article points out, Pakistan doesn't have to be a failed state.  It has to kill off the virus that has lethally infected it.  That virus is Pakistan's "government within a government," the Inter-Services Intelligence Agency or ISI.

As Lunacy explains, the ISI and its Director Emeritus Hamid Gul founded and continues to sponsor the Taliban, and conspired with Bin Laden to perpetrate 9/11.  Gul should have been gunned down like Osama years ago.  He is an arch-terrorist running a terrorist organization that runs a substantial part of the government of Pakistan. 

As revealed recently by WikiLeaks, Langley, State, and the Pentagon have known this for years, yet have done nothing to get rid of Gul or the ISI.  Now, with the Osama Hit, there's the chance to do so.

It is blindingly obvious even to Democrats in Congress that OBL could not have lived in that Abbottabad compound for six years without the knowledge, cooperation, and protection of the Pakistan government.

The Times of India puts it bluntly:  Osama's million-dollar hideout was an ISI safehouse.

Indeed, the country of Pakistan has been transformed into a sanctuary for Moslem terrorists.  The Taliban headquarters is not in Afghanistan, but Quetta in southwest Pakistan.  Lashkar-e-Taiba, the outfit conducting terrorist attacks in India's Kashmir, operates out of a suburb of Lahore, Pakistan's business capital.  The horrific terrorist attacks on Bombay (Mumbai), India in November 2008 were conducted by LeT under the direct control of ISI.

All of this is known by everyone in official Washington and yet Congress continues to pour billions into Pakistan's military and thus the ISI.  Let's make this clear:  the United States Congress, the State Department, the CIA, and the Pentagon are knowingly supporting with massive taxpayer funding the sponsors and managers of the terrorists killing our soldiers in Afghanistan.

The Osama Hit ends this game.  It's quite possible that Zero and his people haven't figured this out yet.  Zero's budget for FY 2012 requests $7 billion in aid for Pakistan.  The amount of money out of that $7 billion that the Republican Congress will vote to appropriate is exactly $0. 

The Paks need that money to survive as their economy is in the tank.  The Pak military needs that money to survive as well.  Too bad.  Congress is not going to budge.  Maybe, a small maybe, Zero has the finesse and cojones to force the Paks to eliminate and abolish the ISI - but since the military is also so ISI-penetrated it's doubtful.

More likely is the Paks lay a beggar bowl at Beijing's feet - while anti-American riots in Pakistan grow and India starts to get panicky over Pakistan's nukes.  The ISI will drop hints that if they don't get American money, a nuke or two might just fall into terrorists' hands to be used on America. 

Such nuclear blackmail will encourage a number of folks in Congress to advocate a joint operation of US forces invading Pakistan from the west (from Afghanistan) coordinated with the Indian Army invading from the east (from India) to seize all the Pak nukes in a pincer movement. 

Goodnight, Pakistan.  If the Paks want to avoid this fate, it's up to them to rescue themselves from it.  No amount of "Moslem rage" will do any good, because we don't care anymore.  Your ISI gave a luxury mansion to Osama, is the power behind both the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and has made your country the major state sponsor of terrorism in the world on a par with Iran.

And if your government does end up providing a nuke that's detonated by Moslem crazies in an American city, Pakistan will be annihilated.  Americans will demand it be nuked, then dismembered into political pieces - e.g., Baluchistan will be independent, but several pieces will be absorbed by India - and Pakistan will cease to exist.

Again, it's unlikely that Zero comprehends the consequences of his Osama Hit.  He's not going to like them.  Pakistan is going to be a calamitous mess next year and he will get the full blame in November 2012. 

The genuine heroics and incredible skill of SEAL Team Six on May 1st, 2011 will be honored and remembered.  Zero's over-the top claim for the credit will be disdained. Then its goodnight, Obama.



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