Jewel (2 May 2011)
"Re: Kenneth (Dr Owuor Rapture)"

Me thinks that the falling away will come 1st before the rapture and that falling away of faith will be cause by that Harold Camping supposed rapture day of May 21st 2011 which is not biblical sound when they take out the book of Revelation and thinks is a fiction book rather than God's word. So this would backfire them. And then comes the actual rapture, days after May 21st just to proof that Harold Camping theory is wrong. Harold Camping's theory has given no chances of survivor or salvation for the tribulation saints. Also didn't Song of Solomon talks abt a Spring rapture.Well we are still in that spring mark till early June and with so many christian seeing the no.11 and a particular messianic Jewish pastor (Sandy Armstrong) was told that the rapture will fall in 2010. Wouldn't God have given him a jewish year rather than our gregorian year since he is a jew. I read somewhere here that in Jewish or Torah calendar, we are still in that 2010 mark also till early June. Now wouldn't this fulfill the Jewish calendar of yr 2010 rapture for that Jewish pastor and the Gregorian calendar for the gentiles who had been seeing the no.11 for the yr 2011. So base on my speculation, May 27-29 2011 seems to fit the timeline. Not trying to date set here, just trying to figure out which of Dr Owuor's meeting fit the timeline of the presume rapture as stated.