Jennie (9 May 2011)
"Re Susan B:"

Just for note, I am not saying Dr. Owuor is a false prophet,  I am just saying that I was concerned that he mentioned MANY TIMES in his video of God showing him when the Rapture is.  I admire Dr. Ownor, and I love what he is doing, but my spirit became unsettled when he kept stressing that God showed him this.  Dr. Ownor was telling us that during one of his revivals the Rapture will happen.  Ok, now Dr. Ownor expresses that he sees with great detail of this revival which leads me to believe that he knows the day??   He does many revivals, but he seems to express with great detail of a certain one.  Also, if you notice that he took off the table the India revival on May 14-15th??  Which leads me to believe that this might be the revival the Rapture could take place??  It's Israels's 63rd B-day.   Makes you go HMMMMMMM????   I hope I have cleared this issue up some?   I have noticed a lot of doves attacking me for accusing Dr. Ownor a false prophet, but I never did.  I just showed concern for how he has stressed that he knows the day???  That is all.  I noticed that with time being short, the attacks are coming stronger even from our own christian people to each other.  I feel it's my job to just bring into light of things that seem to be alarming,  I am in no way accusing him of anything.  I just want to stressed this to everyone.  YSIC  Jennie