Jennie (5 May 2011)
"Serious Thought To All Doves!!!"

Number one:  Dr. Owuor mentioned the Rapture happening on one of his revivals.   This bothers me a little as Jesus said that NO MAN KNOW THE HOUR OR DAY.  Dr. Owuor stated many times on his You tube clip that he knows which revival this will happen in.  Thus telling us that God told him the DAY, and maybe the hour as well???   My alarm bells went off.  I also noticed his video about the Unrest in Israel, and how DETAILED he was as to what is about to come on May 15th?  I felt it was a little too detailed.  Now, don't get me wrong, I admire Dr. Ownour for all the lost souls he has brought to God, but this verse keeps popping into my head all day.   If not even the elect would be deceived.  You all know which verse I am talking about??   I pray to God that Dr. Owunor is not the deceiver????   All I can say to everyone is to just listen to what he has to say, but always remember to test the spirits when he gives us a new prophecy.  He may be a prophet, but he also may be a deceiver???   My heart is broken from this, I admire him so much, but there are a couple of things he has mentioned that is making the Holy Spirit inside me very uncomfortable.  I just felt the need to post this and to make everyone aware of this.
Number two,   I have also noticed Dr. Ownour took down the India revival for May 14- 15th.  I thought this was interesting as I have said from the beginning of this letter that he knows which revival the Rapture would happen.  Also,  Israel turns 63 which means we only have 7 years left, and the Islamic are going to march up to Israel on that day as well.   Too  much of a coindince wouldn't you say?????   So, I think to be on the safe side, we need to make sure we are right with God before May 14th.  Just in case??   Thank you all for reading my thoughts and opinions.  Inputs are welcomed as always this is how we all learn?  YSIC  Jennie